Correct spelling for STOGE

We think the word stoge is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for stoge

  • Stagy(Definition of stagy)
  • Her off-hand employment of the stranger, mortimer, as an assassin; her stagy signing of the death-warrant, after a speech indicating that she acts from pusillanimous motives of personal spite; her silly comedy with davison about the execution of the death-sentence; her coquettish airs with the wretched leicester,-these are repulsive touches which are difficult to justify on any aesthetic grounds, and the total effect of which approaches perilously near to caricature.

  • Stag(Definition of stag)
  • One day he followed a stag so far and so long that he lost his way.

  • Stock(Definition of stock)
  • Yes; but you were very thinly clad last winter, ben, and oftentimes i could not sleep from thinking of how cold you were when out in the fields with the stock.

    Call me Pete Rock, I make the girls flock And if you want a beat like this, I got them in stock

    – The Creator by Pete Rock And CL Smooth
  • Stage(Definition of stage)
  • Trust to my experience,-the experience of forty years; you never will succeed on the stage!

  • Store(Definition of store)
  • That very afternoon they moved to glencoe, and ephum was left in sole charge of the store.

    If you're running low, go to the store Carry some money to help you buy more

    – Spam by weird al yankovic
  • Stodge
  • And the knight, sir stodge, he opened his book: "to cheapness," he said, "was the road they took."

  • Stake(Definition of stake)
  • "why, as i tell yer," he said, keep close; "you'll be wise not to show your noses out of doors for a week or two to come, if you've got money enough to pay old mother mccleary, for she doesn't keep us boys for nothing, you may stake yer davey."

    How much you had at stake So bear the shame and take the blame It's your heart's turn to break

    – Your Heart's Turn to Break by Marty Robbins
  • Stoic(Definition of stoic)
  • His disciples antisthenes and aristippus prepared the way for the stoic and epicurean schools which dominated the roman world in the last century of the republic and the first of the empire.

  • Stoke(Definition of stoke)
  • Uncle dick would fayn take us girls down to oxon, but father sayd he could not spare us while mother was at stoke; and that there was noe prevalent distemper, this bracing weather, in our parish.

  • Stogie
  • The little den behind the drawing-room had but one occupant besides the rear-end brakeman--a tall, saturnine man in a gray grass-cloth duster who was smoking a porto rican stogie.

  • Stooge(Definition of stooge)
  • I had just put the second bar around the neck of the stooge from the audience when i noticed something queer.

  • Stoker(Definition of stoker)
  • "that's me, uncle," muttered the stoker.

  • Stole(Definition of stole)
  • Connell scattered his men and they stole carefully into the fastnesses, finding on all sides evidences of hasty departure.

    Since first I heard the footsteps of thy soul Move still, oh, still, beside me, as they stole

    – Sonnet VII by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • Stowe
  • Mr. lewis may overdo it, but i expect to re-read "main street" some day, and that is more encouragement than i can hold out to mrs. stowe or sir walter scott.

  • Stodgy(Definition of stodgy)
  • And then we talk as if these same people of the 'forties and 'fifties were unendurably stuffy and stodgy!

  • Stove(Definition of stove)
  • Libbie said she'd bring the whole kettle along, an' it could be het on the church stove an' made soup of.

  • Stork(Definition of stork)
  • In the same field, the cow eats grass; the grayhound hunts the hare; and the stork helps himself to the frogs.

  • Stone(Definition of stone)
  • Stone walls were very much the rule inside as well as out, but it became convenient then to cover their grim asperities with the woven draperies, the remains of which so interest us to-day, and which we in our accession of luxuriousness would add to the already gently finished apartments.

    Didn't I say we were written in stone? So how come you're sittin' alone?

    – Written In Stone by Barry Manilow