Correct spelling for VBERY

We think the word vbery is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for vbery

  • Ebro
  • And the king of aragon gathered together a great host in his anger, and he and the king of denia came against my cid, and they halted that night upon the banks of the ebro; and king don pedro sent letters to the cid, bidding him leave the castle which he was then edifying.

  • Berra
  • Orozco y berra, manuel 1680 historia antigua y de la conquistada de mexico.

  • Barry(Definition of Barry)
  • By the time he paused, barry conant's nerve was back, for his piercing "take it" had linked to it "20 for any part of 10,000." the bid was yet on his lips when bob's deep voice rang out "sold."

  • Weary(Definition of weary)
  • Very(Definition of very)
  • Vb
  • Nebr
  • Press of the woodruff bank note co. lincoln, nebr.

  • Brew(Definition of brew)
  • Em and mattie brew some oatmeal gruel, and being chilled and faint we enjoyed a cup of it.

  • Weber(Definition of weber)
  • Vary(Definition of vary)
  • Bray(Definition of bray)
  • Doesn't bray, nor whinny, nor growl, nor bark, nor- can't do anything.

  • Valery
  • Vibe
  • Berry(Definition of berry)
  • The berry in its full maturity is very solid, weighing from 65 to 69 pounds per bushel, this being from five to nine pounds over standard weight.

  • Verb(Definition of verb)
  • Bra
  • 1 bra. i hope some of our crew below stairs have dispatched him.

  • Br
  • Calotrops gigantea, r. br.

  • Rebury(Definition of rebury)
  • Vireo(Definition of vireo)
  • Brr
  • There was a rattling brr, and the girls knew what was happening.

  • Beria
  • [564] for further information the articles on sansia and beria may be consulted.

  • Vera
  • Bro
  • 2. correction of webster, by rule 2d: o-yer, fo-li-o, ge-ni-al, ge-ni-us, ju-ni-or, sa-ti-ate, vi-ti-ate;-am-bro-si-a, cha-me-le-on, par-he-li-on, con-ve-ni-ent, in-ge-ni-ous, om-nis-ci-ence, pe-cu-li-ar, so-ci-a-ble, par-ti-al-i-ty, pe-cu-ni-a-ry;-an-nun-ci-ate, e-nun-ci-ate, ap-pre-ci-ate, as-so-ci-ate, ex-pa-ti-ate, in-gra-ti-ate, in-i-ti-ate, li-cen-ti-ate, ne-go-ti-ate, no-vi-ti-ate, of-fi-ci-ate, pro-pi-ti-ate, sub-stan-ti-ate.

  • Beery(Definition of beery)
  • At the same time he gave a beery yaw in the saddle.

  • Aubrey
  • "this is well," said montreuil, surveying us with a kind of grim complacency, and, taking my brother's arm, he blest us both, and led aubrey away.

  • Bowery(Definition of bowery)
  • To the north successive ranges of rolling hills, green with copse and woodland, fall gently to the lower levels; and stretching far away at their feet, watered by that lovely river which the indians in melodious syllables called shenandoah, "bright daughter of the stars," the great valley of virginia, deep-meadowed, happy, fair with orchard lawns and bowery hollows, lies embosomed within its mountain walls.

  • Bury(Definition of bury)
  • It is sad to bury a baby that is dead; it is sadder, if we but knew it, to bury in darkness and silence a child that has never lived.