Correct spelling for WAST

We think the word wast is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for wast

  • Waist(Definition of waist)
  • Then the phantom, looking straight into the muzzle of bimble's pistol, reached back and wound his arms around the girl's slender waist.

  • Cast(Definition of cast)
  • In a brief time the power was shut off and the anchor was cast overboard.

    You out on a date 'cause if I knew it would never last I woulda forgotten all about you n erased you from the cast

    – Change It All Back by Eminem
  • West(Definition of west)
  • It was drawn in a house built for the purpose near the west end of st. paul's.

  • Last(Definition of last)
  • 14,201. was the last time you had it in 1868?

    So, touch me down in the past where my mother will last And it's true that I'm in for a punch and a blast

    – Down In the Past by mando diao
  • Wait(Definition of wait)
  • I'm waiting for those hands to go up; but i'll not wait long, seh.

  • Bast(Definition of bast)
  • In the old herbals it is called lyne or line, tillet, till tree, and tilia, each of these names bearing reference to the bast or inner bark of the tree, which is used in the north for cordage.

  • Mast(Definition of mast)
  • "ay, in a boat," replied the grocer-"a lang boat, mounted upon a lang cart; an' there were they a' seated in it, wi' ribbons fleein; an' wi' the union, as they ca' the flag which hung at the ship's mast when they beat the frenchman; an' the folks a' shoutin, an' the bairns skirling.

  • Walt
  • The rejoinder came out of the darkness in walt phelps' voice.

  • Hast(Definition of Hast)
  • Thou hast poured into his the strength of thy own soul.

  • Fast(Definition of fast)
  • There were seven rowboats and chub's canoe made fast to the end of the float.

    Baby I want you, now, now now and hold on fast Could this be the magic at last

    – Could This Be Magic by Barry Manilow
  • Past(Definition of past)
  • "yes, my lord, that's settled," responded peckover with a grin, and feeling happier than at any time during the past twenty-four hours.

  • East(Definition of east)
  • Turnips were bad in east lothian.

    Beefsteak Charly is a-throwing a feast Right around the corner down the Road East

    – There's A Party Goin' On by Wanda Jackson
  • Waft(Definition of waft)
  • It is the heat of the sun beating on the large continents which gives rise to the breezes and winds that waft our vessels across the deep; and when on a winter's evening we draw around the fire and feel its invigorating rays, we are only enjoying sunbeams which shone on the earth countless ages ago.

  • Wart(Definition of wart)
  • This wart has neither rhyme nor reason.

  • Was(Definition of Was)
  • I was told to enquire if you was in."

  • Vast(Definition of vast)
  • In the midst of these vast solitudes, we came now and then upon a party of muleteers.

  • Waste(Definition of waste)
  • He had told himself then that both lovers would work better if they were not near enough to waste each other's time, and he had almost believed-he was almost sure, even now, that he had almost believed-that this was the real reason.

  • Watt(Definition of watt)
  • The industrial revolution about to be wrought by the inventions of arkwright and hargreaves, cartwright and watt and whitney, could not be foreseen.

  • Wasp(Definition of wasp)
  • Did you ever wait perfectly helpless while a large, taciturn wasp with a red-hot tail was looking you over?

  • Wasn't
  • Wasn't it, rosey darling?"

  • Wats
  • The 19th, christopher hawes, robert wats, thomas granger; mayor, sir william capell, draper, made knight by henry vii.

  • Wist(Definition of Wist)
  • At the time i wist not clearly what was the end of such rash trifling; but now, when i know men better, meseems it was well conceived, and could not fail of its intent, albeit the course of events made it plain to my understanding how little the thoughts and plans of the wisest can avail when heaven rules otherwise.

  • Want(Definition of want)
  • 12,484. would that be from want of a market?

  • Wash(Definition of wash)
  • Page 283 also wash and remove the pores from half a dozen good sized "beefsteak" changed to 'spores'.

  • Wast(Definition of Wast)
  • Ere thou wert well aware the fatal dart met thee amongst thy fellows, shot by death; ev'n now i feel that dread from friends to part methinks thou felt, though thou wast strong in faith.