Correct spelling for WHACH

We think the word whach is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for whach

  • Bach
  • Little of bach's music was in print and available for performance or critical judgment.

  • Each
  • She knew it was true that 'we can help each other, and no one else in the world can help us.

  • Hash
  • The biscuit and the butter were very good, and he said so; the eggs were fresh, and the hash from yesterday's corned-beef could not have been better, and he praised them; but he was silent about the coffee.

  • Hatch
  • I-i wish they wouldn't hatch.

  • Mach
  • From the equations of the general theory of relativity it can be deduced that this total reduction of inertia to reciprocal action between masses-as required by e. mach, for example-is possible only if the universe is spatially finite.

  • Shah
  • P. 85. "shalim shah."

  • Thatch
  • There were mud-built cottages among feathery-foliaged trees with wide roofs of thatch of a silver grey colour, and above them were two or three palms against the sky.

  • Waco
  • "'it befalls, however, that doorin' the four or five weeks to follow the acquittal of that homicide shoestring, an' while waco anderson an' a quorum of the committee is away teeterin' about in their own affairs, the calaboose gets filled up with two white men and either four or five mexicans-i can't say the last for shore, as i ain't got a good mem'ry for mexicans.

  • Wash
  • I'll work, i'll hoe an' wash, day an' night.

  • Washy
  • Now then mrs. copperas prepared the tea, which she did in the approved method adopted by all ladies to whom economy is dearer than renown, namely, the least possible quantity of the soi-disant chinese plant was first sprinkled by the least possible quantity of hot water; after this mixture had become as black and as bitter as it could possibly be without any adjunct from the apothecary's skill, it was suddenly drenched with a copious diffusion, and as suddenly poured forth-weak, washy, and abominable,-into four cups, severally appertaining unto the four partakers of the matutinal nectar.

  • Watch
  • But he had no watch, and when he reached lawton he had the pleasure of seeing the cars go out at one end of the station as he hurried in at the other.

  • Wench
  • A letter did this day come unto the joyous and buxom wench, the lady augusta, wherein did sir ballantyne write how that he did not believe that the poem "thine eyes" was printed in sir slosson's book.

  • Whack
  • If his stomach is out of whack he should change his method of living rather than to try to cure his dyspepsia with stuff that comes in a bottle.

  • Wham
  • I dinna mean, sir, in the presence o' this assembly, to disgrace ye, mair than will serve the purposes o' justice; and i leave ye to reflect, if ye hae sic a thing about ye as reflection, how ye treated this po'r lassie, wham ye ruined, and wha, though fire, and famine, and death, and scorpions, are given, as ecclesiasticus says, for vengeance, sat quietly and-seeking nae other satisfaction-sucked, wi' her honied lips, the poison which your shaft carried to her broken heart; and wha, though exposed to terrible and racking tortures, saved, on twa occasions, your life, regardless o' her ain.

  • Whoosh
  • The rushing "whoosh" of the ash-slide began to lessen, and presently, gallantly plowing through the still sliding pumice, came the first sailor.

  • Winch
  • Those who toiled with nasmyth were hardened men, and they held on with cracked hands clenched on the winch-handles, or they splashed through the icy shallows with the water in their boots, until, a little before their dinner-hour, when three of them stood straining by nasmyth's side beneath the derrick as a mass of rock rose slowly to the surface of the pool.

  • Wish
  • "i wish i knew a real service to render you, miss mary," said he, with unfeigned devotedness in his look as he spoke.

  • Witch
  • I have been enquiring into the truth of the story you heard, and i find that it was spread by a wretched old mad woman whom the people about here take to be a witch.

  • What
  • O.k. what is it?

  • Which
  • Although this impetuosity was foreign to her, she loved it for the good which accompanied it.

  • Wac
  • "of course, you're wondering where i got the idea for my project," said "smiley" webb, adding, for the benefit of his driver, "keep your eyes on the road, sergeant! the wac barracks will still be there when you get off duty!"

  • Wotcha
  • Aw, wotcha trine t' hand me!