Correct spelling for WHOOO

We think the word whooo is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for whooo

  • Woo(Definition of woo)
  • So now i take thee on my knee and woo the muse right eagerly, in earnest hope she'll lend her aid until this tribute be well paid.

    Waynes here, su WOO bet he felt that like the end of a pool cue

    – Ransom by lil wayne
  • Who(Definition of who)
  • Who would she be?

  • Who's
  • Do you know who's being tried?

  • Shoo(Definition of shoo)
  • As she returned she said "shoo!"

  • Wool(Definition of wool)
  • 15,398. you don't buy it in wool yourself, but in worsted?

  • Who'd
  • Why, her mother 'n' mine used to borrow cupfuls of flour of each other over the back fence, and it was to lick a feller who'd yelled "brick-top" after sadie that started me to takin' my first boxin' lessons in mike quigley's barn.

  • Wooer(Definition of wooer)
  • The lads sprung to their feet- "wi' wooer babs at their blue-bonnet lugs."

  • Whop(Definition of whop)
  • But it was something quite different, and mr. ablethorpe brought me down to earth again with a whop, as if i had fallen from the store rafters.

  • Whew(Definition of Whew)
  • Whew i what a twinge.

  • Who've
  • Why, i know of fellows who've waited years for that chance."

  • Woe(Definition of woe)
  • Fainter and fainter grew each succeeding word, and when the last was spoken she fell again upon her face, unconscious and forgetful of her woe.

    "There is a sweetness in every woe." It must be so. It must be so.

    – It Must Be So by Unknown Author
  • Whose(Definition of Whose)
  • In the presence of a witness, whose evidence i am ready to produce, $1,500 was passed to him.

  • Whorl(Definition of whorl)
  • The outer whorl of floral envelopes.

  • Whoso(Definition of Whoso)
  • Around his gravestone with the first spring-breeze flock the bairns all, to win the kissing-prize: and whoso sweetliest lip to lip applies goes crown-clad home to its mother.

  • Wood(Definition of wood)
  • Moreover, the wood box was empty, and the fire was out.

    And the top made of oaken wood And the children sat around this table Touched with their laughter Ah, and that was good

    – Morningside by Neil Diamond
  • Woof(Definition of woof)
  • Caesar soliloquizing: life is a problem intricate to solve: with outstretched arms to grasp, we know not what from out the future hidden by a veil with woof too dense for eye of man to pierce; yet doth imagination pictures forms which, when we would embrace, evade our touch and vanish into nothingness; while still we vain pursuit ever persistent make.

  • Who'll
  • Now, then, who'll lead the way out?

  • Whoop(Definition of whoop)
  • Then chub let up a whoop of joy.

  • Whoosh(Definition of whoosh)
  • Before he could examine it, or move toward the door, penny, with a mighty "whoosh" blew out the candle.

  • Whom(Definition of Whom)
  • 13,381. whom did he fish for last year?

  • Whir(Definition of whir)
  • And he, a huge wheel of shame and remorse, began to turn and whir before his eyes.

  • Whee
  • "whee! it's good to be back home again!" said raggedy andy to the other dolls, as he stretched his feet out in front of the little toy stove and rubbed his rag hands briskly together, as if to warm them.

  • Whole(Definition of whole)
  • Tell her the whole thing an' give 'em back what you got left, an' do your best.

  • Wazoo
  • That same day the illustrated london news published a drawing "wazoo warriors crossing a river and shouting, ho!" and the general consternation reached its height.

  • Wow(Definition of wow)
  • Wow, and i was merely speaking figuratively!...

  • Whey(Definition of whey)
  • On a swiss alp, in a chalet, he shooting chamois, and i milking cows, with 'ah-ahio, ah-ahio,' all day long, and a quarrel at night over curds and whey.

  • Why(Definition of why)
  • Why, reddy fox was one.

    Never asked and asking why? Why? then never, never cry

    – A Quiet Night at Home by Unknown Author
  • Who're
  • Once again the willow wielding do i urge the flying ball; till "lost ball" the men who're fielding hot and weary faintly call.

  • Woos
  • The sea woos our dusty limbs: nereids and tritons, charging no cruel coin, call us to nature's baths.

  • Whoa(Definition of Whoa)
  • Almost at the same instant the buggy came driving up the turn, and a voice uttered an impatient "whoa!"