Correct spelling for WHYALLA

We think the word whyalla is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for whyalla

  • Whale(Definition of whale)
  • I now observed that the other boats had separated, and each had gone after a different whale.

  • Wheal(Definition of wheal)
  • My uncle, he worked on wheal betsey, and he worked on wheal virtuous lady tu, and he told i often there was a plenty of rich trade down under, but cruel hard to get at.

  • Royally(Definition of royally)
  • As she was mrs. bal's guest still, and had been royally entertained, she sacrificed the momentary satisfaction.

  • Yawl(Definition of yawl)
  • "the yawl they had at ware last year would make eight knots an hour in this breeze, light as it is.

  • Wallow(Definition of wallow)
  • Buffaloes wallow between the tangled clumps of pink lotus and purple iris, and wild ducks nest in the waving sedges, or darken the air in a sudden flight down the long lake.

  • Waller(Definition of waller)
  • In order, therefore, to follow his injunctions to the letter, i strolled out toward the place in search of the tailor, and also to deliver a letter from waller to the chamberlain, to provide me with a card for the ball.

  • Weal(Definition of weal)
  • 8. 203-207:- him, still from hope to hope the bliss pursuing which from the exhaustless lore of human weal draws on the virtuous mind, the thoughts that rise in time-destroying infiniteness, gift with self-enshrined eternity, etc.

  • Whaler(Definition of whaler)
  • The whaler calls this far fringe of america "the ocean graveyard" and "the step-mother to ships."

  • Wallah(Definition of wallah)
  • Did a bunk-i forget whether it was a police wallah or a civilian.

  • Will(Definition of will)
  • 13,359. will a boy ever have 10s.

  • Wale(Definition of wale)
  • Take a long weaver; push one end of it through the wale under the second row. hold the end in place and wrap the weaver about the handle bow, keeping the spaces about equal, and drawing taut enough to be graceful, until it reaches the opposite side.

  • Loyally
  • But he made no complaint, uttered no reproach, and loyally excused lucindy's desertion with a simple sort of dignity that made it impossible to express pity or condemnation.

  • Well(Definition of well)
  • "well, ned crawford," he muttered to himself, "that's it, is it?

  • Wholly(Definition of wholly)
  • I asked-a wholly thoughtless question, of course.

  • We'll
  • "we'll fetch them in, mitha baba, we'll fetch them in!

  • Y'all
  • Sinner hangin' 'bove de pit, by a hya'r strotch over hit, debil hol' one eend an' shake, y'all kin see de sinner quake, quick, he'p dis man come thu.

  • Wally
  • "henderson can handle that, all right," said wally, leaning forward in his chair.

  • Yell(Definition of yell)
  • We sat around and mourned and gloomed and agreed with them until we were ready to yell with disgust.

  • Yale(Definition of yale)
  • Eventually he graduated from phillips andover academy and from yale.

  • Yalu(Definition of yalu)
  • Its people were the descendants of ki-tzse, a famous chinese sage and statesman who, eleven hundred years before christ, moved with his tribesmen over the river yalu because he would not recognize or submit to a new dynasty that had usurped power in china.

  • Willa
  • Men jef wir vs vppen vrlandiska markt finda, sy-et heinde jeftha fer, and berth-et that-et folk vs let dvath jeftha bistelleth, sa agon wy mith haste hei to to slana, hwand afsken wy ella agon to dvande vmbe fretho willa, vsa halfbrothar ne muegon vs nimmer minachtja nach wana that wi ange send.

  • Wail(Definition of wail)
  • She began to cry and wail and said, "i told you i wanted such a fish, and yet you let him go; i am sure you do not love me."

  • Waylay(Definition of waylay)
  • His evident desire to avoid mrs. redmond and waylay her husband interested me, and when he questioned me somewhat closely concerning gilbert's habits and movements of late, my suspicions were roused; and on mentioning the debt so promptly discharged, i received a confidence that startled me.

  • Who'll
  • Now, then, who'll go down first-you or me?

  • Ayala
  • Ayala would be carried with her aunt and her cousin to the show-room of madame tonsonville, the great french milliner of bond street, whereas she, lucy, might too probably be called on to make her own gowns.

  • Wall(Definition of wall)
  • The wall-paper is a conventionalized pattern.

    Yellowed postcards on the wall Serve to cover up the blankness after all

    – You Don't Belong by bad religion