Correct spelling for YEART

We think the word yeart is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for yeart

  • Part(Definition of part)
  • Still, i part with it cheerfully."

  • Cert
  • The coat of arms"↑ «e es cert quel senyal per los molts alts reys darago atorgat e confermat a la dita ciutat era e es lur propri senyal reyal de bastons o barres grogues e vermelles».

  • Meat(Definition of meat)
  • Moreover, your supper is like the hidalgo's dinner, very little meat and a great deal of tablecloth.

  • Art(Definition of art)
  • Oh, i understand the art!

  • Dart(Definition of dart)
  • This must be the kitty grace dart promised her.

    Whose magic penetrates like a dart, Who lifts that mirror And throws our mind back on us, and our heart, Until we start?

    – Moments of Vision by Thomas Hardy
  • Hearty(Definition of hearty)
  • "brace up, jack," he roared in his hearty way, "your pop is all right.

  • Pert(Definition of pert)
  • Indeed, the appearance of the yeoman was well calculated to stir tongues less nimble than those of the pert salesmen of fleet street.

  • Kart
  • Touring car racing sports car racing production car racing one-make racing stock car racing rallying rallycross off-road racing drag racing kart racing historical racing other

  • Bart
  • Sam knew the man was named bart skinner, and that he was an intimate friend of billings'.

  • Tear(Definition of tear)
  • I tell you they'll tear him to pieces.

  • Yeti(Definition of yeti)
  • Himalaya airlines was founded in 2014 as a joint venture between yeti world investment and tibet airlines.

  • Heat(Definition of heat)
  • It must be clearly understood that the ideal of american comfort is fully and faithfully realized, and if the english have reformed the italian hotels in respect of cleanliness, it is we who have brought them quite to our domestic level in regard to heat and light.

  • Beat(Definition of beat)
  • Oh, how you did beat him!

  • Feat(Definition of feat)
  • By the time they entered the pass to smugglers' hollow the tracks of big jim had been entirely obliterated and pat was holding the trail by the blazed trees, a feat by no means easy because of the difficulty of looking ahead in the face of the storm.

  • Teat(Definition of teat)
  • They make frequent jerky lateral flexions of the body, probably to search for a teat.

  • Years(Definition of years)
  • Jimmy was now five and a half years old.

  • Yeats
  • If irving bacheller, or charles egbert craddock, or post wheeler, or r. w. chambers, or miss johnston, or will harben, or thomas nelson page, or james whitcomb riley, or any other of a score that might be easily named should visit london, does anybody imagine that he or she would receive even a small fraction of the attention we have given to sarah grand, mr. yeats, max o'rell, b. l. farjeon, mrs. humphry ward, mr. locke, and others?

  • Yearn(Definition of yearn)
  • There's a sweet-smelling hedgerow to which i yearn; i shall rest my head on heather and fern, and sleep in the depths of the forest.

  • Dear(Definition of dear)
  • 18 grandmother dear, mrs. molesworth.

    Young as thyself, and innocently dear, Whose grandsire was my early life's compeer.

    – Gertrude of Wyoming by Thomas Campbell
  • Mart
  • 4, 9. 1117 mart.

  • Yest
  • Take fair water and make it so strong with molossoes, otherwise called treacle, as that it will bear an egg, then boil it with a bag of all kinds of spices, and a branch or two of rosemary, boil it and scum it, and put in some sweet herbs or flowers, according to the time of the year, boil it till a good part be consumed, and that it be very clear, then set it to cool in several things, and when it is almost cold, work it with yest, as you do beer, the next day put it into the vessel, and so soon as it hath done working stop it up close, and when it hath stood a fortnight, bottle it, this is a very wholesom drink against any infection, or for any that are troubled with the ptisick.

  • Eat(Definition of eat)
  • When you go to eat, won't you order jest as ef i was with you-nothin' more?

    Little swami's got his bowl to eat Little swami always walks his beat, sweet feet

    – Insomnia And The Hole In The Universe by live
  • Cart(Definition of cart)
  • Where are you going with your cart?

  • Bert
  • "there is one song we all like, bert," she suggested.

  • Year(Definition of year)
  • 66 372 in a year 1855 iii.

  • Tart(Definition of tart)
  • The tart remark and the contemptuous comment on her part, elicited, on the other, all the irritability of the poetic idiosyncrasy.

  • Seat(Definition of seat)
  • There's the little chap on the window-seat!"

  • Yet(Definition of yet)
  • Father, you don't know me yet."

  • Yearly(Definition of yearly)
  • I wish we could have our yearly kiss.

  • Neat(Definition of neat)
  • She's gone away an' left it as neat as wax, an' that gate o' hern swings open sometimes an' them 'tarnal ducks'll git in.

  • Yarn(Definition of yarn)
  • The yarn about passing his word was so that you shouldn't open your mouth too wide.

  • Hart(Definition of hart)
  • Then king arthur blew the prise and dight the hart.

  • Yurt(Definition of yurt)
  • After attending an ed sheeran concert, a drunk bridget crawls into a yurt she thinks belongs to her and miranda but actually belongs to the handsome stranger she met earlier.

  • Peat(Definition of peat)
  • In limestone districts, peat is chiefly formed from grasses and sedges.

  • Yer
  • Yer hame here is warm and comfortable.

  • Yea(Definition of yea)
  • Yea, she passed beneath our feet.

  • Vladislaus
  • Vladislaus was heir of poland too, could he have managed to get it; but he gave up that to his brother, to various younger brothers in succession; having his hands full with the hungarian and bohemian difficulty.

  • Yard(Definition of yard)
  • The clergyman had been here; he himself had been sitting a yard further back.

  • Yeasty(Definition of yeasty)
  • Up the long slope through the yeasty foam we went, knee deep, and then ankle deep, ever more swiftly with every pace, and the next wave broke far behind us, and its swirl of swift water round my waist only helped me.

  • Heart(Definition of heart)
  • And i do suffer with you in my heart-do you not believe it?

  • Wyatt
  • 172, 173 wyatt, sir thomas, ii.

  • Wart(Definition of wart)
  • In "a traveler at forty" dreiser is surely frank enough in his vivisections; he seldom forgets a vanity or a wart.

  • Yeah
  • Dey can't git erlong wifout dish yeah coon, arter all!

  • Yeast(Definition of yeast)
  • And so dissatisfaction, like to yeast, deep in the thoughtless mob did swell to burst because our party purposed to at once enfranchise this unhappy down-trod race.