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How To Spell mit?

Correct spelling: mit

List of misspellings for mit:

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What does the abbreviation mit mean?

Related words for mit

A Mít


Vietnamese soccer player

A Mít is a Vietnamese footballer of ethic Degar descent who plays as a midfielder for V-League club SHB Đà Nẵng F.C..

Club Atlético Mitre


Soccer team

Club Atlético Mitre is an Argentine sports club located in Santiago del Estero. The club is mostly known for its football team, that currently plays in Primera B Nacional, the second division of Argentine football league system.

MIT School of Telecom Management, Pune


Higher educational institution in Pune, India

MIT School of Telecom Management, Pune is a higher education institution in Pune, India. The school, established in 2007, is one of MAEER's MIT Group of Institutions. It was established to build quality manpower with Technical managerial skills. It is supported by industry in designing the academic curriculum.

Mit Simms


Milton Speer "Mit" Simms, son of Maria Louisa Speer and Franklin Robert Simms, was born in Rockford, Alabama in 1873 and grew up there. He moved to Arizona territory sometime before 1902. On December 25th, 1902, he married his first wife, Lillian Mary McCabe. No children emerged from this marriage. On September 12, 1910, he was elected Graham County Delegate to the Arizona Constitutional Convention. There, on December 9, 1910, he signed the Constitution of Arizona.

Rhône Glacier


Glacier in Switzerland

The Rhône Glacier is a glacier in the Swiss Alps and the source of the river Rhône and one of the primary contributors to Lake Geneva in the far eastern end of the Swiss canton of Valais.

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Rhymes for mit:

  1. lp, flit, tee, split, cc, capri, g, splitt, sci, marquis, slit, bourgeoisie, gee, sep, undersea, guaranty, henri, lxi, yangtze, thierry, inductee, bea, yi, enlistee, pitt, devotee, v, lsd, jaycee, ib, nabil, musee, magee, rosemarie, quay, skit, cd, free, sightsee, chit, tenn, mc, loree, flea, zee, t, appointee, nominee, decree, ze, sit, detainee, pit, fit, fop, mpg, lit, ji, escapee, parolee, ghee, dundee, mee, qui, grit, knee, sheree, internee, jubilee, bibi, degree, cod, conferee, sri, vee, quai, fsi, id, jessee, p, syp, see, njt, nic, eap, nit, tea, ye, mt, ofc, waikiki, gyi, whit, rupee, odp, referee, whoopee, dee, get, ot, dea, plitt, cat-3, foresee, marie, klee, bbc, smee, bit, hee, dsv, key, b, we, resignee, mme, jie, fee, tv, louie, leigh, deportee, cie, litt, rea, ravi, enrollee, snee, it, potpourri, nie, andree, re, ged, mcghee, ee, spree, he, mitt, markee, witt, m3, brea, she, lessee, bt, ddt, flee, pri, bee, kit, designee, de, spie, britt, ab, jee, ki, honoree, atp, xi, sea, bree, schmidt, bui, chea, vendee, sie, wee, spit, marquee, ip, guarantee, banshee, lee, hitt, lavie, goatee, three, kyi, sze, c3, xie, ne, oad, chablis, ree, blea, knit, je, licensee, rosalee, pea, franchisee, mi, yippee, d, tse, schmitt, the, apc, vi, si, chee, cxc, fitt, me, cyb, trustee, pattee, retiree, kee, nghi, thee, nestle, mea, brie, trainee, ranee, lea, wit, slee, debris, kea, z, zea, glee, writ, plea, yie, li, esprit, be, tennessee, draftee, indri, se, oversea, brit, thi, vitt, fi, smit, curie, qi, kitt, disagree, prix, yee, tyree, ski, hit, nee, khe, pree, emcee, shri, guarani, valoree, gutsy, ti, ve, pawnee, tree, repartee, rb, mcgee, crea, ritt, cree, c, dupree, quit, cac, te, shi;
  2. submit, remit, permit, gillett, transmit, agree, commit, alee, acquit, legit, dewitt, albee, prewitt, omit, emit, abee, befit, lafitte, refit, admit, adee, ac, unfit, achee;
  3. readmit, resubmit, recommit, adoptee, absentee, abt, adoree, amputee, amc, addressee;
  4. irit, interviewee, lapd, knbc, hnat, geac;
  5. awb;

Translations for mit:

Arabic word for Mit

معهد ماساتشوستس للتكنولوجيا.

Bengali word for Mit

MIT- র.

Chinese word for Mit


German word for Mit


Hindi word for Mit


Marathi word for Mit


Tamil word for Mit


Turkish word for Mit