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How To Spell molestation?

Correct spelling: molestation

List of misspellings for molestation:

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  • molistication,
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The People in the Trees is the 2013 debut novel of author Hanya Yanagihara. Yanagihara stated that her novel was in part inspired by Daniel Carleton Gajdusek who was revered in the scientific community before being accused of child molestation.

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This graph shows how "molestation" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for molestation:

  1. We had work enough thus cut out for us, and as soon as provisions had been obtained we sailed, and passing through the Straits of Gibraltar without molestation we directed our course for Naples.

Quotes for molestation:

  1. This House cannot function without an open, accountable, and independent ethics process; and the molestation of that process by the majority is an abuse of power that cannot stand.

Rhymes for molestation:

  1. deregulation, conciliation, elaboration, damnation, revelation, expiration, transportation, urbanization, disputation, elevation, demoralization, recitation, undervaluation, emulation, amputation, expectation, innovation, machination, criminalization, securitization, generalization, nitration, reconsideration, hydration, alienation, hyperinflation, agitation, respiration, dispensation, indentation, discontinuation, recertification, perspiration, appalachian, condensation, consolation, personalization, preservation, admiration, deceleration, vacation, derivation, constellation, impregnation, sanitation, delineation, lubrication, pronunciation, vegetation, hesitation, croatian, notation, optimization, culmination, observation, denationalization, pagination, corporation, litigation, compensation, desiccation, justification, continuation, implementation, intimation, hydrogenation, exasperation, coordination, extermination, glorification, immunization, dalmatian, oscillation, speculation, allocation, restoration, separation, ministration, appropriation, affirmation, desolation, marginalization, reaffiliation, christianization, concatenation, domination, variation, miscommunication, mummification, realization, nonproliferation, immigration, publication, correlation, integration, excommunication, glaciation, consolidation, hospitalization, animation, devaluation, flotation, jubilation, inauguration, reclamation, conversation, consummation, defamation, procrastination, rectification, libration, decentralization, reclassification, liquidation, denomination, coagulation, codification, westernization, confrontation, humiliation, explanation, enumeration, rumination, misinformation, situation, devastation, inactivation, evaporation, simplification, overvaluation, confederation, capitulation, approbation, education, dissociation, implantation, reexamination, demarcation, conglomeration, dramatization, privatization, regimentation, trepidation, fluoridation, starvation, replication, pressurization, valuation, creation, validation, exhumation, subluxation, evacuation, prefabrication, categorization, toleration, exhalation, unionization, gastrulation, misidentification, regeneration, desperation, corp, relaxation, exclamation, standardization, communication, naturalization, disinflation, reiteration, gentrification, ejaculation, retardation, overpopulation, elation, indemnification, inflation, desalinization, habitation, depredation, reaffirmation, exhilaration, incarnation, russification, violation, determination, solicitation, incantation, confiscation, approximation, expropriation, migration, reorganization, information, dictation, insemination, cancellation, titillation, premeditation, revitalization, representation, declaration, reconfirmation, ovation, reparation, imagination, sarmatian, compilation, narration, equalization, amortization, translation, ramification, nomination, ratification, stalinization, negotiation, fermentation, 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gestation, communization, levitation, retaliation, renomination, filtration, termination, ordination, reconfiguration, invalidation, exoneration, transillumination, consideration, reincarnation, gyration, elongation, constipation, taxation, pasteurization, provocation, reverberation, dislocation, fumigation, masturbation, deforestation, congregation, revocation, cremation, contamination, indignation, annotation, proration, self-congratulation, unification, qualification, formulation, specification, relation, organisation, quantification, substantiation, electrification, nullification, precipitation, evaluation, dissemination, reservation, profanation, reallocation, exhortation, allegation, tribulation, cohabitation, depopulation, resuscitation, liberalization, ligation, participation, reflation, sanctification, exploration, inundation, fertilization, stagnation, optation, escalation, hybridization, commendation, exacerbation, incarceration, refrigeration, collectivization, falsification, hallucination, repatriation, interpretation, estimation, incoordination, flirtation, temptation, vaporization, vaccination, duration, infatuation, emancipation, reauthorization, insulation, centralization, evocation, civilization, suburbanization, conservation, modification, permutation, localization, detonation, exfoliation, preparation, laceration, consecration, discrimination, illumination, annexation, manifestation, extrapolation, decontamination, inclination, alteration, deprivation, desecration, intimidation, sedimentation, diversification, deportation, incrustation, deflation, adulation, infiltration, congratulation, figuration, configuration, commercialization, mobilization, politicization, convocation, incapacitation, desegregation, automation, fluctuation, ornamentation, oration, confirmation, miseration, characterization, nucleation, fortification, disorganization, installation, invocation, affiliation, reformation, impersonation, exploitation, vindication, federation, rejuvenation, annihilation, backwardation, socialization, dehumanization, democratization, punctuation, investigation, cultivation, explication, irrigation, summation, palpitation, consternation, motivation, ventilation, sterilization, modernization, ionization, deviation, crustacean, saturation, perpetuation, appreciation, utilization, classification, intonation, connotation, commemoration, augmentation, privatisation, combination, visitation, duplication, invitation, alleviation, relocation, instrumentation, sedation, recreation, saponification, coronation, inspiration, authentication, location, insinuation;
  2. nation, haitian, station, ration;
  3. carnation, castration, cetacean, citation, causation, cessation, alsatian;
  4. acclimation, abrogation, accusation, aberration, abdication, activation;
  5. abbreviation, acceleration, accommodation, abomination, accreditation;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for molestation:

Afrikaans word for Molestation


Arabic word for Molestation

التحرش الجنسي.

Greek word for Molestation


Italian word for Molestation


Javanese word for Molestation


Korean word for Molestation


Marathi word for Molestation


Norwegian word for Molestation


Polish word for Molestation


Portuguese words for Molestation

moléstia, abuso sexual.

Swedish word for Molestation


Tamil word for Molestation


Turkish word for Molestation

taciz etmek.

Vietnamese word for Molestation

sự nói nặng.