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Correct spelling: Monticello


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This graph shows how "Monticello" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for Monticello:

  1. The general trend of American appreciation for Dr. Jenner's work, at least among the intelligent classes, may be gathered from the following letter sent to Dr. Jenner by Thomas Jefferson while he was president, May 14, 1806: " Monticello, Virginia, May 14, 1806. " Sir: " I have received the copy of the evidence at large respecting the discovery of the vaccine inoculation, which you have been pleased to send me, and for which I return you my thanks. "Makers of Modern Medicine" , James J. Walsh.

Rhymes for Monticello:

  1. bellow, cello, fellow, jello, mello, mellow, melo, yellow.
  2. capello, carmelo, costello, deangelo, marcello, marcelo, martello, morello, otello, othello.
  3. celo, diangelo, fiorello, pirandello.
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