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What are the translations for mood?

Arabic word for Mood


Chinese words for Mood

心情, 心境, 情怀, 心绪, 思绪, 况味, 语气, 兴致.

Dutch words for Mood

stemming, sfeer, bui, gemoedstoestand, gemoedsgesteldheid.

French words for Mood

moral, morale, humeur, climat.

German words for Mood

Ton, Anwandlung, Laune, Stimmung, Modus, Stimmungslage, Stimmungsbild, Gemütslage, Aussageweise, Ambiente, Humor.

Hindi word for Mood


Italian word for Mood


Japanese words for Mood

気分, ムード, 機嫌, ご機嫌, 御機嫌, ふんいき, じょうちょう, 心気, 気褄, ふいんき, 情調, きづま, おてんき, 御天気, 機嫌気褄, きげんきづま, きもち, ここち, お天気, おき, 譏嫌.

Javanese word for Mood

Swasana ati.

Malay word for Mood


Marathi word for Mood


Norwegian word for Mood


Polish words for Mood

nastrój, samopoczucie, klimat.

Portuguese words for Mood

tom, tendência, ânimo, astral, estado de espírito.

Russian word for Mood

расположение духа.

Spanish words for Mood

estado, tono, capricho, estado de ánimo, modo, actitud, temperamento, clima, atmósfera, talante.

Swedish word for Mood


Tamil word for Mood


Turkish word for Mood

ruh hali.

Vietnamese word for Mood

tâm trạng.