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How To Spell moray?

Correct spelling: moray

List of misspellings for moray:

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lord and master
Moray as a boy's name is a variant of Murray (Gaelic), and the meaning of Moray is "lord and master".

Related words for moray

Douglas Stuart, 20th Earl of Moray


Douglas John Moray Stuart, 20th Earl of Moray was a British peer, styled Lord Doune until 1974. The son of Archibald Stuart, 19th Earl of Moray, he succeeded to the earldom of Moray on his father's death in 1974.

Gregoir of Moray


Gregoir of Moray [Giric, Gregory] is the first attested Bishop of Moray. His name occur in witness lists in two charters. The first is the witness list appended to a charter of King Alexander I of Scotland defining the legal powers held by Priory of Scone.

Herre's moray eel



Herre's moray is a moray eel found in the western Pacific and Indian Oceans. It was first named by Beebe and Tee-Van in 1933.

John Dunbar, Earl of Moray


John Dunbar, Earl of Moray was a Scottish nobleman.

Y-patterned moray eel


The Y-patterned moray eel is a deep-water moray eel found in coral reefs in the Pacific and western Indian Oceans at depths to 300 m. It was first named by Snyder in 1904, and is also commonly known as Berndt's moray eel.

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Rhymes for moray:

  1. ley, way, lay, cray, frey, wray, lei, fray, raye, stay, se, clay, grey, spray, pei, fey, bray, jaye, day, kaye, j, fe, waye, ney, pay, lait, shea, saye, k, klay, brae, bey, gaye, dae, wei, drey, quai, stray, tay, kay, haye, jae, sta, may, cay, yea, sze, rey, weigh, ca, brey, they, ae, sleigh, de, pray, prey, flay, yay, mae, trey, hey, say, neigh, paye, dey, nay, jay, wey, dray, whey, vey, faye, maye, nej, blay, fay, hay, shay, bay, re, khe, ray, mei, ne, mey, tray, quay, che, daye, rae, ay, graye, sway, gway, slay, wy, play, gray, hwe, tae;
  2. convey, monet, rene, millay, nisei, bombay, calais, oj, prepay, purvey, cache, mackay, carre, parquet, gervais, bouquet, mccrea, sorbet, cathay, nikkei, valet, defray, betray, obey, toupee, cliche, foray, saute, passe, crochet, o'shea, soiree, orsay, fillet, cafe, b-j, buffet, chalet, manet, beret, hooray, portray, risque, jose, repay, levey, allay, today, asay, delray, essay, ha, da, hurray, array, croquet, beauvais, ole, dossier, ek, away, dismay, filet, puree, dk, belay, ballet, halfway, mckay, olay, macrae, hervey, replay, delay, sergei, survey, astray, ga, display, abbe, okay, decay, renee, souffle, mcveigh;
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