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How To Spell moreen?

Correct spelling: moreen

What are the common mistypes for moreen ?

  • joreen,
  • mor3en,
  • moreenj,
  • ooreen,
  • mjoreen,
  • mlreen,
  • mofeen,
  • mokreen,
  • more3n,
  • mor4een,
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  • mroeen.


Moreen as a girl's name is pronounced mor-EEN. It is of Irish origin, and the meaning of Moreen is "great". See also Maureen.

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What are the usage examples for moreen?

  1. Neither spring nor autumn found any change for the better in that tattered, dusty, and worn- out carpet; in those old moreen curtains which hung in heavy, dull folds round the bay- window; in the leathern arm- chair, with very little leather left about it; in the desk, which was so piled with books and papers that it was difficult even to discover a clear space on which to write. – Girls of the Forest by L. T. Meade
  2. For when he entered the chamber which they shared, he found his lordship awake, tossing and turning in the shade of the green moreen curtains; in a pitiable state between chagrin and rage. – The Castle Inn by Stanley John Weyman
  3. Mr. Thomasson had brought her back; he had wedded her at Calne, the reverend gentleman himself performing the ceremony with a curtain- ring at a quarter before midnight, in the presence of two chambermaids, in a room hung with drab moreen – The Castle Inn by Stanley John Weyman

What are the rhymes for moreen?

  1. jean, screen, gean, treen, gene, teen, lien, mien, keane, green, spleen, glean, keene, dean, skene, plein, meine, haen, lene, deane, mean, scene, wean, mclean, cian, freen, seen, sheen, greene, leen, keen, steen, clean, bean, breen, wien, nene, kean, jeanne, jeane, frean, lean, wein, deen, preen, queen;
  2. fourteen, lorene, maxine, obscene, sabine, sardine, racine, charline, sarene, marcin, levine, citrine, eighteen, seguin, ravine, canteen, georgine, casein, onscreen, deneen, aleen, feldene, selene, ireene, doreen, fifteen, aldin, amin, christine, crimean, thirteen, cuisine, caffeine, serene, between, chretien, helene, foreseen, martine, ameen, celine, maureen, irene, janine, saline, jeanine, clymene, marleene, eileen, charleen, laurene, benzene, joaquin, convene, agin, lamine, sunscreen, umpteen, unseen, nadine, kristine, arleen, nineteen, carleen, marleen, lurleen, cathleen, claudine, demean, coleen, wileen, jolene, charlene, medin, sharleen, pauline, aileen, shirleen, unclean, corinne, preteen, colleen, myrlene, careen, marine, noreen, laureen, alene, eugene, francine, slovene, vaccine, killeen, salin, latrine, sixteen, sistine, machine, kathleen, baleen, moline, justine, philene, ardeen;
  3. halloween, benyamin, gelatine, madelene, propylene, tangerine, trampoline, seventeen, wolverine, valentin, unforeseen, augustin, submarine, tambourine, reconvene, figurine, geraldine, hallowe'en, smithereen, intervene, bernadine;
  4. aquamarine, mujahideen, mujahedeen;

What are the translations for moreen?

Bengali word for Moreen

পর্দা ইত্যাদির মোট কাপড়.

Chinese word for Moreen


Norwegian word for Moreen


Polish word for Moreen


Turkish word for Moreen

bir tür kumaş.