How To Spell moreover?

Correct spelling: moreover

What are the common typos for moreover?

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This graph shows how "moreover" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for moreover?

  1. dover, rover, grover, over, stover, drover, clover;

What are the translations for moreover?

Bengali word for Moreover


Chinese words for Moreover

而且, 再者, 况, 并且, 加以, 加之, 况且, 再则.

Dutch words for Moreover

bovendien, verder, daarnaast, trouwens, voorts, daarenboven, overigens.

German words for Moreover

ferner, zudem, sonst.

Italian word for Moreover


Japanese words for Moreover

さらに, 更に, あまっさえ.

Javanese word for Moreover


Malay word for Moreover

Lebih-lebih lagi.

Norwegian word for Moreover


Polish words for Moreover

ponadto, dodatkowo, co więcej.

Russian word for Moreover

более того.

Spanish words for Moreover

además, asimismo, así mismo.

Ukrainian word for Moreover

більш того.

Vietnamese word for Moreover

hơn thế nữa.