How To Spell most?

Correct spelling: most

What is the definition of most?

  1. (intensifier) very; "a most welcome relief"

What does the abbreviation most mean?

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What are the rhymes for most?

  1. post, host, close, posts, ghosts, grosz, dosed, ost, toast, ghost, hosts, toasts, boast, coste, roast, gross, boasts, gros, coasts, coast, bowse, dose, dos, grossed, los;
  2. engrossed, arkose, morose, engross, riposte;
  3. adios, grandiose, diagnosed, diagnose;
  4. misdiagnose, misdiagnosed;

What are the translations for most?

Arabic word for Most


Chinese words for Most

大多数, 最, 大部分, 多半, 最多的.

Dutch words for Most

meest, meeste, meesten, hoogst, heel, erg, paling, zeer, mest, mees.

German words for Most

meiste, größter, die meisten.

Greek word for Most


Italian word for Most

la maggior parte.

Japanese word for Most


Portuguese word for Most

a maioria de.

Romanian word for Most

cei mai mulți.

Russian word for Most


Spanish words for Most

muy, más, sumamente, la mayor parte de.

Swedish word for Most


Turkish word for Most


Vietnamese word for Most

hầu hết.