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How To Spell move?

Correct spelling: move

List of misspellings for move:

  • porve,
  • reemove,
  • moivate,
  • youve,
  • tover,
  • pmfor,
  • moviel,
  • wo've,
  • imovie,
  • mpve,
  • mpove,
  • romove,
  • mavel,
  • moveover,
  • remvoe,
  • momme,
  • jove,
  • gorve,
  • mome,
  • majove,
  • you'ev,
  • movue,
  • moev,
  • mofher,
  • movse,
  • moveing,
  • 6love,
  • mouved,
  • moview,
  • oove,
  • moverd,
  • mave,
  • ovee,
  • homve,
  • moevd,
  • ove,
  • mioved,
  • moher,
  • moe,
  • mysef,
  • mybe,
  • remoive,
  • mayve,
  • mopvie,
  • mvoie,
  • nmove,
  • meover,
  • movet,
  • movel,
  • moven,
  • mojovie,
  • macive,
  • moww,
  • movin,
  • movve,
  • mopve,
  • masive,
  • pover,
  • moovie,
  • voive,
  • rmove,
  • movene,
  • moviate,
  • nove,
  • yoiuve,
  • mvie,
  • love,
  • movign,
  • movce,
  • memver,
  • makover,
  • moviie,
  • muve,
  • monve,
  • baove,
  • moehr,
  • tove,
  • movi,
  • ahve,
  • lmove,
  • maybve,
  • mcviegh,
  • mvery,
  • movee,
  • lo0ve,
  • smove,
  • yo've,
  • tmove,
  • motief,
  • mofiea,
  • moives,
  • mever,
  • movr,
  • gove,
  • muvh,
  • yu've,
  • bove,
  • modive,
  • moveout,
  • kove.

What does the abbreviation move mean?

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Rhymes for move:

  1. prove, groove, duve, you've;
  2. behoove, improve, approve, disprove, remove;
  3. disapprove;

Translations for move:

Afrikaans words for Move

beweging, skuif.

Arabic word for Move


Bengali word for Move


Dutch words for Move

vervoeren, stap, beurt, overstap, verschuiving, verplaatsen, verhuizen, ontroeren, zet, verhuizing, manoeuvre, schuiven, verleggen, verschuiven, wegtrekken.

French words for Move

changement, mettre, toucher, changer, circuler, avancer, mesure, proposer, bouger, émouvoir, muter, mouvement, être ému, lance, remuer, déménagement, se bouger, mouvoir, changer de place, déloger.

German words for Move

bewegen, Zug, absetzen, verstellen, transportieren, versetzen, Auszug, Verlegung, verschieben, erregen, ausziehen, umlegen, Schritt, antreiben, ziehen, rücken, Umzug, Spielzug, Bewegung, Geste, abwandern, Transporter, sich rühren, sich regen, verziehen, aufwühlen, milde stimmen, erweichen, Schachzug, Übersiedlung, Übersiedelung, Zuzug, Tour, Coup, Mutation.

Italian words for Move

passo, trasferimento, passaggio, mutare, muoversi, spostamento, mossa, trasloco, muovere, commuovere, spostare, trasferirsi.

Japanese words for Move

でよう, 身動ぐ, 身じろぐ, 出方, 引移る, 置き替える, かたす, 引き移る, 片す, 移り住む, でかた, 歩み方, みじろぐ, ひきうつる, うつりすむ, 出様, あゆみかた.

Javanese word for Move


Malay word for Move


Norwegian word for Move


Polish words for Move

krok, poruszać, przesunąć, ruch, przenoszenie, poruszyć się, ruszać się, przeprowadzać się, przeprowadzka, posunięcie.

Portuguese words for Move

deslocar, jogar, movimentar, câmbio, progresso, mover-se, mexer-se, propor, comover, movimento, jogada, mexer, passagem, manobra, remexer, mudar de casa.

Russian words for Move

перемещаться, передвигать, делать ход, трогать, побуждать, движение, начинать действовать.

Spanish words for Move

ir, colocar, paso, mover, moverse, tocar, impulsar, transportar, irse, mudar, circular, medida, mudanza, traslado, trasladar, trasladarse, proponer, avanzar, jugar, conmover, mudarse, emocionar, movimiento, jugada, caminar, desplazar, desplazamiento.

Swedish word for Move


Turkish word for Move


Vietnamese word for Move

sự di chuyển.