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What are the usage examples for mundane?

  1. The word had no part in Collingwood's vocabulary; but it is applicable because it expresses the quality of worship which he had injected into an otherwise very mundane emotion. – The Locusts' Years by Mary Helen Fee
  2. I am not sure that you are mundane enough to understand." – The Locusts' Years by Mary Helen Fee
  3. How could ordinary Deep Harborites understand such a game or dream that this was one of the secrets of our friendship- they who thought only of such mundane things as love and marriage? – I Walked in Arden by Jack Crawford

What are the rhymes for mundane?

  1. complain, explain, contain, twain, ordain, rayne, lorraine, loraine, wain, train, charmaine, dwayne, hane, germaine, duane, rein, duan, romain, grain, hussain, maine, domain, kayne, bayne, charlayne, attain, slain, delaine, jayne, detain, dain, terrain, bain, slane, mccain, duquesne, strain, pane, fane, feign, deign, jermaine, cane, shane, pain, restrain, paine, hussein, lorain, blane, romaine, frayne, remain, sane, urbain, thayne, obtain, sylvain, bahrain, dayne, reine, preordain, regain, pertain, elayne, mcclain, layne, zane, plane, germain, fain, constrain, champagne, kahane, spain, jane, sustain, kaine, ukraine, sain, champlain, disdain, swaine, caine, kane, devane, shayne, vane, laine, demain, moraine, cheyne, rogaine, retain, champaign, fein, ingrain, craine, maclean, elaine, brain, shaine, raine, payne, hain, refrain, tremaine, retrain, blaine, aine, ln, crayne, arcane, plain, elane, jain, lain, sprain, gain, swain, spokane, wane, blayne, lane, dane, stain, inane, frayn, dewayne, insane, main, maintain, duwayne, ayn, humane, trane, rain, biscayne, arraign, heyne, urbane, vein, mane, profane, chain, thaine, iain, reign, mayne, laraine, fraine, charmain, fontaine, mclean, crain, campaign, thane, cain, vain, bane, drain, kain, frane, freyne, wayne, swayne, cocaine, crane, draine, butane, germane, blain;
  2. alaine, again, allain, abstain, amain, alayne, alain, alane;
  3. ascertain, aquitaine, entertain, inhumane;
  4. legerdemain;

What are the translations for mundane?

Chinese word for Mundane


Dutch word for Mundane


French words for Mundane

ordinaire, commun, ennuyeux, anodin, prosaïque, quotidien, ordinaires, quelconque, usuel, ennuyant, routinier, monotone.

German words for Mundane

einfach, vulgär, weltlich, stumpfsinnig, trivial, banal, profan, irdisch, prosaisch.

Greek word for Mundane


Javanese word for Mundane


Korean word for Mundane


Malay word for Mundane


Marathi word for Mundane


Norwegian word for Mundane


Polish word for Mundane


Portuguese word for Mundane


Romanian word for Mundane


Russian words for Mundane

мирской, светский, будничный, суетный, земной, прозаичный, рутинный.

Spanish words for Mundane

corriente, cotidiano, rutinario, ordinaria, mundano, prosaico, terrenal.

Swedish word for Mundane


Vietnamese word for Mundane

trần tục.