How To Spell Myself?

Correct spelling: Myself

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What is the definition of Myself?

  1. I or me in person: an emphatic form.

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What are the rhymes for Myself?

  1. delph, elf, shelf, selph, helf, self;
  2. oneself, herself, itself, themself, yourself, himself;
  3. ourself;

What are the translations for Myself?

Afrikaans word for Myself


Arabic word for Myself


Chinese word for Myself


Dutch words for Myself

mezelf, mijzelf, ikzelf, mij.

French words for Myself

moi, moi-même.

German words for Myself

selbst, ich selbst, mir, mich.

Greek word for Myself

εγώ ο ίδιος.

Hindi word for Myself

अपने आप.

Italian word for Myself

me stesso.

Japanese words for Myself

私, 私自身, わたくしじしん, あっし, わたしじしん, わっち, わっし.

Javanese word for Myself

Aku dhewe.

Korean word for Myself

내 자신.

Malay word for Myself

Saya sendiri.

Marathi word for Myself

मी स्वतः.

Norwegian word for Myself

meg selv.

Polish word for Myself


Portuguese words for Myself

mim mesmo, eu mesmo.

Romanian word for Myself

eu însumi/însămi.

Spanish words for Myself

me, mí, yo mismo, yo misma.

Swedish word for Myself

mig själv.

Tamil word for Myself


Turkish word for Myself


Vietnamese word for Myself

chính tôi.