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Spell Check of Nadine

Correct spelling: Nadine


Common misspellings for Nadine:

mandie, nadne, nadie.

Nadine \n(a)-di-ne\

Nadine as a girl's name is pronounced nay-DEEN. It is of French origin. Variant of Nadia. Author Nadine Gordimer.
Nituna, Natana, Natahnee, Natanya, Natania.
Naydeen, Nadeen, Nadena, Nadene, Nadie, Nadina, Nadyna, Nadyne.

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Examples of usage for Nadine:

  1. " Nadine," she called, in her grave, melodious voice, and a young girl, almost a child, sprang from a low divan hidden in a corner. "Fantômas" , Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain.
  2. " Nadine, take off my cloak and unfasten my hair. "Fantômas" , Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain.
  3. " Nadine," she called, " are you still there?" "Fantômas" , Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain.

Rhymes for Nadine:

  1. agin, aileen, aldin, aleen, alene, ameen, amin, ardeen, arleen, baleen, benzene, between, caffeine, canteen, careen, carleen, casein, cathleen, celine, charleen, charlene, charline, chretien, christine, citrine, claudine, clymene, coleen, colleen, convene, corinne, crimean, cuisine, demean, deneen, doreen, eighteen, eileen, eugene, feldene, fifteen, foreseen, fourteen, francine, georgine, helene, ireene, irene, janine, jeanine, joaquin, jolene, justine, kathleen, killeen, kristine, lamine, latrine, laureen, laurene, levine, lorene, lurleen, machine, marcin, marine, marleen, marleene, martine, maureen, maxine, medin, moline, moreen, myrlene, nineteen, noreen, obscene, onscreen, pauline, philene, preteen, racine, ravine, sabine, salin, saline, sardine, sarene, seguin, selene, serene, sharleen, shirleen, sistine, sixteen, slovene, sunscreen, thirteen, umpteen, unclean, unseen, vaccine, wileen.
  2. aquamarine, mujahedeen, mujahideen.
  3. augustin, benyamin, bernadine, figurine, gelatine, geraldine, hallowe'en, halloween, intervene, madelene, propylene, reconvene, seventeen, smithereen, submarine, tambourine, tangerine, trampoline, unforeseen, valentin, wolverine.
  4. bean, breen, cian, clean, dean, deane, deen, frean, freen, gean, gene, glean, green, greene, haen, jean, jeane, jeanne, kean, keane, keen, keene, lean, leen, lene, lien, mclean, mean, meine, mien, nene, plein, preen, queen, scene, screen, seen, sheen, skene, spleen, steen, teen, treen, wean, wein, wien.
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