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What does the abbreviation name mean?

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What are the rhymes for name?

  1. shame, proclaim, boehm, boehme, bame, came, claim, baim, blame, exclaim, maim, rename, aim, game, graeme, damme, inflame, ame, flame, aime, mayme, reclaim, haim, dame, fame, lame, mame, same, tame, brame, frame;
  2. declaim, ashame, disclaim, acclaim, aflame, ballgame, became, defame;
  3. overcame;

What are the translations for name?

Afrikaans word for Name


Arabic word for Name


Catalan word for Name


Dutch words for Name

naam, benaming, vernoemen, noemen, aanduiding, benoemen.

French words for Name

nom, citer, appeler, intituler, baptiser, donner un nom à.

German words for Name

nennen, bezeichnen, Appellation, Titel, Bezeichnung, Fixer, Benennung, Name, Titulierung, mit einem Namen versehen.

Hindi word for Name


Italian words for Name

denominazione, nominativo.

Japanese words for Name

名, 名前, 名称, 名義, ネーム, 名前を付ける, 名前をつける, 号する, しめい, 称号, 名辞, なまえ, めいぎ, みょうもく, なざす, 喚ぶ, しょうごう, なまえをつける, ごうする, 名目, めいしょう, よぶ, 名指す, にじ, めいじ, 二字, 名まえ, めいもく.

Javanese word for Name


Marathi word for Name


Norwegian word for Name


Polish words for Name

nazwa, imię, nazwisko.

Portuguese words for Name

apontar, nomear, chamar, nome, fixar, sobrenome, renome.

Romanian word for Name


Russian words for Name

имя, название, называть, перечислять, упоминать, именной, фамилия, кличка, нарекать, призывать к порядку, заглавный, авторский.

Spanish words for Name

poner, marcar, citar, mencionar, llamar, nombrar, designar, apellido, denominar, Nama.

Swedish word for Name


Tamil word for Name


Turkish word for Name