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How To Spell nations?

Correct spelling: nations

List of misspellings for nations:

  • nothions,
  • natiins,
  • antionio's,
  • neogations,
  • autions,
  • notiations,
  • queations,
  • sttions,
  • conetions,
  • pations,
  • negotions,
  • funtions,
  • natioin,
  • nomations,
  • nakins,
  • nogiations,
  • vioations,
  • entions,
  • natios,
  • newtion's,
  • notious,
  • neausious,
  • nationas,
  • nausious,
  • nonmations,
  • naushious,
  • paitions,
  • santions,
  • negioations,
  • netioned,
  • untions,
  • ntionl,
  • neogoations,
  • dontions,
  • tnations,
  • natons,
  • notioned,
  • menations,
  • nothigns,
  • connations,
  • donattions,
  • sations,
  • mantions,
  • lations,
  • nationan,
  • artians,
  • ations,
  • ntions,
  • naions,
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  • nomitions,
  • intions,
  • nationa,
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  • guetions,
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  • narnians,
  • contionuous,
  • naition,
  • pationse.

Related words for nations

1984 African Cup of Nations


The 1984 African Cup of Nations was the 14th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, the soccer championship of Africa. It was hosted by Côte d'Ivoire. Just like in 1982, the field of eight teams was split into two groups of four. Cameroon won its first championship, beating Nigeria in the final 3−1.

4 Nations Cup


Sports tournament

The 4 Nations Cup is an annual women's ice hockey tournament, held between four major national teams in the sport; currently, these are Canada, the United States, Sweden and Finland. Until 2000, when Sweden joined, the tournament was the 3 Nations Cup. In general, it is held in or around November each year.

Four Nations Tournament


The Four Nations Tournament is an invitational women's football tournament taking place in various cities of China since 1998. Since 2002, it has been held every year except for 2010.

Theatre of Nations


Theater in Moscow, Russia

The State Theater of Nations is a theater located in the Petrovsky building in central Moscow, Russia. The Theater has no resident acting company. As of 2011 the building was undergoing major reconstruction, while the Theater's activities continue. The Theater of Nations acts a dedicated space for the experiments of local and international directors. It is, in the words of its Artistic Director, "an educational center for the new generation of theater." The Theater's ongoing activities include: Conducting national and multinational arts festivals Preserving cultural ties between Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union Introducing local audiences to notable achievements of the international art scene Providing experimental grounds for young actors and directors

World Rugby Nations Cup


The Nations Cup is a rugby union competition that was first held in 2006 at Estádio Universitário in Lisbon with Argentina A, Italy A, Portugal and Russia taking part.

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Rhymes for nations:

  1. stations, patients, haitians;
  2. migrations, citations, plantations, crustaceans, quotations, orations, vibrations, locations, temptations, vocations, donations, durations, formations, notations, gyrations, vacations, gradations, sensations, privations, carnations, ovations, mutations, dalmatians, rotations, croatians, impatiens, creations, frustrations, castrations, translations, relations, flirtations, foundations;
  3. variations, delegations, celebrations, ruminations, altercations, appellations, conversations, obligations, complications, innovations, preparations, dislocations, observations, expirations, consecrations, separations, oscillations, publications, aberrations, graduations, nominations, implications, applications, imitations, fluctuations, cancellations, malformations, motivations, depredations, hesitations, meditations, infestations, regulations, demonstrations, concentrations, relocations, integrations, designations, explorations, expectations, explanations, emanations, deviations, alterations, animations, circulations, lacerations, aspirations, tabulations, amputations, condemnations, indications, limitations, presentations, computations, fabrications, tribulations, machinations, terminations, visitations, deprivations, annotations, intimations, perforations, proclamations, reparations, degradations, orchestrations, stipulations, constellations, speculations, compilations, correlations, valuations, allocations, accusations, liquidations, conjugations, duplications, confrontations, reservations, restorations, calculations, consultations, occupations, decorations, demarcations, ministrations, excavations, adaptations, desecrations, estimations, registrations, congregations, violations, educations, inclinations, allegations, federations, palpitations, transformations, irritations, destinations, syndications, detonations, formulations, medications, affirmations, combinations, consolations, realizations, vaccinations, deportations, incarnations, protestations, confirmations, corporations, compensations, permutations, populations, operations, arbitrations, invitations, litigations, reputations, resignations, situations, inspirations, illustrations, declarations, generations, appalachians, exclamations, perturbations, installations, revelations, elevations, connotations, recitations, simulations;
  4. evaluations, abbreviations, magnifications, mobilizations, commemorations, ramifications, affiliations, depreciations, recriminations, representations, orientations, recommendations, privatizations, accommodations, discolorations, miscalculations, accreditations, specifications, deliberations, eliminations, determinations, evacuations, clarifications, improvisations, authorizations, associations, sterilizations, denominations, consolidations, anticipations, investigations, insinuations, incorporations, configurations, manipulations, justifications, exaggerations, appropriations, civilizations, modifications, assassinations, administrations, hallucinations, collaborations, congratulations, notifications, accumulations, qualifications, classifications, imaginations, dramatizations, originations, reverberations, inoculations, negotiations, preoccupations, organizations, decapitations, immunizations, pronunciations, certifications, expropriations, inaugurations, solicitations, participations, approximations, communications, humiliations, interrogations, manifestations, examinations, interpretations, considerations, denunciations;
  5. hospitalizations, capitalizations, rationalizations, identifications, misrepresentations, renegotiations, generalizations, reconciliations, characterizations, reorganizations;
  6. telecommunications;

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