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Correct spelling: native


Definition of native:

  1. Inborn.
  2. One born in any place.
  3. Produced by nature: original; natural; not acquired; not artificial; conferred by birth; pertaining to one's birthplace: born with; congenial.

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Quotes for native:

  1. What springs from earth dissolves to earth again, and heaven -born things fly to their native seat. - Marcus Aurelius
  2. We use a Native American tradition of the talking stick. You sit and pass it around and whoever has the stick has to talk. Some people just hold it. Others really share. - Lisa Bonet
  3. Measles and TB evolved from diseases of our cattle, influenza from a disease of pigs, and smallpox possibly from a disease of camels. The Americas had very few native domesticated animal species from which humans could acquire such diseases. - Jared Diamond
  4. Native Americans had only stone and wooden weapons and no animals that could be ridden. Those military advantages repeatedly enabled troops of a few dozen mounted Spaniards to defeat Indian armies numbering in the thousands. - Jared Diamond
  5. Al Zarqawi had a long history of terrorism. He was responsible for several bombings and beheadings in Iraq, including Pennsylvania native Nicholas Berg. - Tim Murphy

Rhymes for native:

  1. creative, nonnative, probative.
  2. dative.
  3. vegetative.

Idioms for native:

  1. go native
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