How To Spell nay?

Correct spelling: nay

What is the definition of nay?

  1. Denial; refusal.

What does the abbreviation nay mean?

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What are the usage examples for nay?

  1. " Nay but she suffered! – Thelma by Marie Corelli
  2. Nay I believe he is too good a man for that. – A Set of Rogues by Frank Barrett
  3. " Nay come, let's go together," is his constant plea. – Sigurd Our Golden Collie and Other Comrades of the Road by Katharine Lee Bates
  4. " Nay he's not a horse doctor," said Lee, smiling. – The Iron Furrow by George C. Shedd
  5. We'll not say nay – A Kindergarten Story Book by Jane L. Hoxie

What are the rhymes for nay?

  1. cay, faye, k, jae, day, dray, fe, pei, pray, brey, frey, lei, spray, maye, kay, sze, prey, slay, lay, mei, daye, wy, nej, shay, khe, rae, sway, rey, stray, grey, hey, wey, trey, wray, ay, bray, sta, waye, gway, play, stay, tay, brae, kaye, clay, saye, jay, neigh, klay, graye, ca, ae, fey, mey, weigh, drey, shea, ley, tray, cray, bay, they, yay, che, de, paye, bey, vey, sleigh, fray, may, jaye, quai, dae, tae, quay, flay, hay, gaye, mae, j, whey, haye, ne, yea, say, raye, way, hwe, fay, lait, re, se, pay, wei, ney, ray, dey, gray, blay;
  2. ha, ballet, mccrea, olay, hervey, ole, calais, dossier, display, sergei, delray, da, gervais, valet, abbe, repay, nisei, risque, croquet, survey, astray, ga, cafe, halfway, macrae, chalet, defray, mcveigh, millay, levey, renee, o'shea, mckay, purvey, soiree, essay, replay, cathay, sorbet, mackay, rene, orsay, beret, portray, allay, moray, cache, cliche, oj, carre, dk, delay, passe, hooray, buffet, asay, beauvais, hurray, bouquet, filet, convey, puree, decay, belay, crochet, saute, souffle, dismay, manet, today, prepay, away, okay, parquet, array, betray, b-j, bombay, nikkei, ek, monet, toupee, obey, fillet, jose;
  3. monterrey, disarray, overstay, fiance, cea, bouvier, lyonnais, jna, overplay, piaget, cabernet, cabaret, ita, uva, faberge, dak, ekk, monterey, bta, perrier, bua, chevrolet, aaa, underplay, disobey, attache, underway, ira, intraday;
  4. noaa, naivete, communique, cabriolet, foia, hiaa, ceta, asea;
  5. waga;

What are the translations for nay?

Arabic word for Nay


Bengali word for Nay


Czech word for Nay


French word for Nay


German words for Nay

nein, nee.

Greek word for Nay


Italian word for Nay


Korean word for Nay


Malay words for Nay

Ba, Tidak.

Romanian word for Nay


Spanish word for Nay