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How To Spell near?

Correct spelling: near

Definition of near:

  1. To approach.

List of misspellings for near:

  • jear,
  • new4117,
  • nexr,
  • mear,
  • vingar,
  • ckear,
  • 30year,
  • ineer,
  • nearb,
  • neer,
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What does the abbreviation near mean?

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Quotes for near:

  1. Because you don't live near a bakery doesn't mean you have to go without cheesecake.
  2. Hard work is damn near as overrated as monogamy.
  3. That death was near, I suppose I believed, but I saw it only as a rest after the day's work.
  4. We are very near the end, but have not and will not lose our good cheer.
  5. Cows, after leaving the low lands near the coast, are found to be plentiful everywhere, and to produce milk in small quantities, from which butter is made.

Rhymes for near:

  1. shear, veer, vere, mere, deere, frere, deer, ear, gere, pier, gear, meir, kear, bere, tear, spear, mir, rear, sere, smear, leer, jeer, fier, sneer, here, nir, mear, sphere, geer, dear, kier, speir, shere, cleere, fear, wier, neer, beer, steer, year, sheer, cheer, gier, peer, speer, fleer, teer, we're, hear, lear, sear, blear, cyr, greer, clear, stear;
  2. rehear, veneer, zahir, vizier, yasir, revere, dornier, lazear, sameer, inhere, unclear, wazir, appear, sincere, zaire, career, emir, amir, severe, premiere, samir, rainier, cashier, shamir, premier, frontier, lanier, adhere, austere;
  3. cavalier, persevere, insincere, domineer, volunteer, disappear, mutineer, gondolier, auctioneer, pamphleteer, racketeer, chandelier, profiteer, rensselaer, commandeer, bombardier, brigadier, belvedere, financier, chevalier, pioneer, reappear, charpentier, bandolier, overhear, souvenir, engineer, interfere;
  4. reengineer, electioneer, conventioneer;

Translations for near:

Afrikaans word for Near


Arabic word for Near


Chinese words for Near

近, 附近, 近期, 靠近, 邻近, 濒, 比邻, 傍边, 挨着, 靠进的.

Dutch words for Near

bij, nabij, in de buurt, naderen, bijna, vlakbij, vergelijkbaar, naast, weldra.

French words for Near

presque, proche, rapproché, près, tout près, près d'ici.

German words for Near

bei, schier, fast, nahezu, beinahe, Nähe, quasi, nah, sich nähern, näherkommen, unweit, nahe an, heran.

Italian word for Near


Japanese words for Near

近い, のほとりに, 手近, の辺りに, の辺に, ちかい, のあたりに, てじか, 近め, てぢか, ちかめ, 手近か.

Javanese word for Near


Malay word for Near


Polish word for Near


Portuguese words for Near

imediato, próximo a, vizinho, iminente.

Romanian word for Near


Russian words for Near

возле, рядом, под, близ, при, близко от, поблизости от, кратчайший, ближний, едва не, близко, неподалёку, чуть не, недалеко.

Spanish words for Near

breve, corto, casi, cerca, cercano, dónde, acercarse, cerca de, cabe.

Tamil word for Near