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What are the rhymes for nearby?

  1. dye, phy, try, pye, ngai, kai, lye, tsai, lai, thai, pty, yie, sty, thy, vie, lie, wry, rye, sy, sky, thigh, sigh, high, pie, wai, jai, guy, ty, kwai, nigh, sly, psi, sai, phi, frye, spy, spry, sci, kyi, lxi, brye, mai, fly, shai, chae, hi, nye, die, fry, mei, my, tae, wy, vi, bye, bly, ai, by, gyi, fye, shy, sri, ly, dry, tye, cy, ay, tai, bligh, why, fi, gae, wye, keye, hy, pri, bi, aye, flye, pry, nie, vy, pae, cai, ply, chai, eye, chi, cry, bae, pi, buy, dai, tie, fae;
  2. bonsai, deny, comply, brunei, iwai, versailles, awry, dubai, reply, retry, good-bye, july, defy, mcfly, thereby, whereby, hereby, imply, untie, imai, apply, mihai, uy, hi-fi, shanghai, supply, alai, goodbye, bye-bye, descry, rely, kanai, belie, standby, decry, ally;
  3. underlie, overfly, resupply, misapply, dui;
  4. cspi, isty, oversupply;
  5. dwi;

What are the translations for nearby?

Afrikaans word for Nearby


Arabic word for Nearby


Bengali word for Nearby


Chinese words for Nearby

附近的, 就近, 在旁, 跟前, 周遭, 近处, 四近, 眉睫.

Dutch words for Nearby

dichtbij, naburig, nabijgelegen, vlakbij, aangrenzend, dichtbijgelegen.

French words for Nearby

proche, environnant, proches, limitrophe, voisin, à proximité, avoisinant, avoisinantes, d'à côté, du coin, non loin, aux alentours, auprès.

German words for Nearby

benachbart, Nähe, nah, nahegelegen, nahe gelegen, nahe liegend.

Greek word for Nearby


Hindi word for Nearby

पास में.

Italian word for Nearby


Japanese words for Nearby

最寄, 傍, 最寄り, もより, ほど近い, 傍らに, 程近い, そばちかく, 側近く, 比隣, 近間, 真近, ほどちかい, ちかま, かたわらに, 近くの.

Javanese word for Nearby


Korean word for Nearby


Malay word for Nearby


Norwegian word for Nearby


Polish word for Nearby


Portuguese words for Nearby

perto, adjacente, vizinho, limítrofes, anexa, rentes.

Romanian word for Nearby


Russian words for Nearby

близлежащий, соседний, поблизости, подле.

Spanish words for Nearby

cerca, vecino, cercano, circundante, junto, adyacente, aledaño, aledaña, de por aquí cerca.

Swedish word for Nearby


Tamil word for Nearby


Turkish word for Nearby


Vietnamese word for Nearby

ở gần đây.