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How To Spell neat?

Correct spelling: neat

What are the misspellings for neat ?

  • neair,
  • seat,
  • yeat,
  • geat,
  • deaht,
  • nacead,
  • ncaa,
  • nevt,
  • leat,
  • nihjt,
  • menat,
  • nezt,
  • neauter,
  • nwait,
  • nedia,
  • negoate,
  • negete,
  • weat,
  • nvidea,
  • youeat,
  • neccaty,
  • neaer,
  • netapp,
  • nirto,
  • nteam,
  • oneday,
  • nearlty,
  • naemd,
  • neato,
  • nnote,
  • nead,
  • neet,
  • neht,
  • nght,
  • nativ,
  • cnet,
  • nearet,
  • netal,
  • next,
  • noat,
  • nea,
  • seneate,
  • nsert,
  • nefu,
  • wnear,
  • aneta,
  • nday,
  • dieat,
  • meanti,
  • noteate,
  • njght,
  • niada,
  • neatr,
  • neear,
  • neach,
  • teanat,
  • ndate,
  • neots,
  • neak,
  • neotour,
  • nealt,
  • reat,
  • notta,
  • negiate,
  • renat,
  • teneat,
  • nearst,
  • knealt,
  • wgat,
  • nelt,
  • neace,
  • neathe,
  • deaty,
  • nearset,
  • needa,
  • nwght,
  • nect,
  • nauty,
  • neaty,
  • yeart,
  • senat,
  • 2ndyear,
  • newst,
  • neately,
  • weant,
  • neardy,
  • nean,
  • neatley,
  • seant,
  • deat,
  • xenat,
  • necar,
  • nearterm,
  • neady,
  • needto,
  • neean,
  • geart,
  • nmad,
  • neght,
  • nent.

What is the definition of neat?

  1. Neatly.

What does the abbreviation neat mean?

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What are the quotes for neat?

  1. There is no neat distinction between operating system software and the software that runs on top of it.
  2. There are two ways to go about it. You can take a compass and draw a perfect circle and make two perfect eyes as neat as can be. Or you can do it freehand and have some fun with it. Like I did. Give it character.
  3. Our friends in the group Chicago, they just numbered theirs and we thought that was kind of neat but it made continuity from album to album and that was our way of doing it.
  4. There is always an easy solution to every problem- neat, plausible, and wrong.
  5. I read The Bell Jar, and then I read her memoir and her diaries, and a third book, an outside opinion. Just the way she made the pillows so neat on the oven door. It just seems to be the opposite of, if you're going to take your life, in a horrible rage it happens.

What are the rhymes for neat?

  1. sheet, eat, treat, leet, bleat, skeat, sleet, seat, meat, cheat, sweet, peat, piet, fleet, pleat, peet, st, heat, peete, meet, beat, grete, neet, beet, crete, wheat, tweet, veit, skeet, mete, cleat, teet, suite, street, feat, greet, pete, feet, teat;
  2. downbeat, conceit, deceit, delete, deplete, offbeat, discreet, effete, defeat, bridgette, excrete, unseat, petite, mistreat, replete, receipt, complete, repeat, concrete, amit, secrete, elite, retreat, compete, discrete, gamete;
  3. marguerite, indiscreet, incomplete, noncompete, marquerite, uncomplete;

What are the translations for neat?

Afrikaans word for Neat


Arabic word for Neat


Chinese words for Neat

整齐, 正正, 干净, 方正, 楚楚, 俊, 疏疏, 整洁的.

Dutch words for Neat

netjes, puur, knap, keurig, handig, sierlijk, vaardig, smaakvol, verzorgd.

French words for Neat

habile, net, simples, chouette, soigneux.

German words for Neat

ordentlich, toll, super, geschickt, elegant, gepflegt, nett, prima, akkurat, sauber, adrett, schmuck, proper, legal, Klasse, pur, niedlich, säuberlich, unverdünnt, reinlich, genial.

Greek word for Neat


Italian word for Neat


Japanese words for Neat

こぎれい, 正正, ニート, 正々, きれいずき, 綺麗好き.

Javanese word for Neat


Malay word for Neat


Marathi word for Neat


Norwegian word for Neat


Polish word for Neat


Portuguese words for Neat

limpo, organizado, clara, limpa, perfeita, engenhoso, arrumado, seleta, cuidadosas, asseado.

Romanian word for Neat


Russian word for Neat


Spanish words for Neat

limpio, puro, elegante, impecable, excelente, agradable, cuidado, maravilloso, prolijo, ordenado, pulcro, meticuloso, estupendo, ingenioso, arreglado, aseado, cuidadoso, esmerado, fabuloso, sensacional, ordenadito, limpios, buenísimo, divino, cuidada.

Swedish word for Neat


Tamil word for Neat


Turkish word for Neat


Ukrainian word for Neat


Vietnamese word for Neat

gọn gàng.