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What are the rhymes for need?

  1. impede, snead, plead, feed, ede, fried, breed, meade, sneed, succeed, keyed, misdeed, leed, rasheed, brede, greed, shaheed, swede, supersede, reed, precede, fede, seed, freed, saeed, teed, bead, stampede, friede, walid, misread, kneed, wied, waleed, skied, bleed, proceed, she'd, weed, tweed, bede, nead, deed, hamid, he'd, speed, rashid, knead, lipide, reread, creed, cede, indeed, steed, we'd, reid, secede, reseed, mead, dede, recede, lead, mislead, screed, heed, read;
  2. concede, accede, exceed, decreed, gilead, degreed, elide, agreed;
  3. aristide, overfeed, guaranteed, disagreed, intercede;

What are the translations for need?

Arabic word for Need


Bengali word for Need


Chinese word for Need


Dutch words for Need

moeten, behoefte, nood, nodig hebben, hoeven, nodig, noodzaak.

French words for Need

exigence, requérir, besoin, devoir, avoir besoin de, nécessité.

German words for Need

Nachfrage, brauchen, Bedarf, Erfordernis, Notwendigkeit, Armut, Bedürfnis, Not, Bedürftigkeit, Notlage, nötig haben, dienen.

Greek word for Need


Italian word for Need


Japanese words for Need

必要とする, 要, ニード, 待つ, にゅうよう, ひつようとする, まつ, 俟つ.

Malay words for Need

Keperluan, Perlu.

Polish words for Need

potrzeba, konieczność, zapotrzebowanie.

Portuguese words for Need

exigência, necessitar, dever, necessidade, carência, ter necessidade de.

Romanian word for Need


Russian words for Need

потребность, нужда, нуждаться в, требоваться, понадобиться, надобность, востребованность, иметь потребность в, иметь надобность, быть вынужденным, необходимый элемент.

Spanish words for Need

tener, falta, deber, requisito, necesidad, necesitar, precisar, menester.

Swedish word for Need


Turkish word for Need


Ukrainian word for Need