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Correct spelling: need

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What does the abbreviation need mean?

NEED abbreviation definitions:
–  Network for Environmental and Economic Development
–  New England Electric Dance

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Quotes for need:

  1. All the stories I'll ever need are right here on Main Street.
  2. Music is something I must do, business is something I need to do, and Africa is something I have to do. That's the way it breaks down in my life.
  3. People who work on the user interface side need to have empathy as a key characteristic. But if you are writing device drivers you don't really need to understand humans so well.
  4. A lot of us have jobs where we need to give people structure but that is different from controlling.
  5. We are now preparing for the reform of the yuan's exchange rate system. For such reforms to take place, we need good economic conditions... and we need to do it under tight control.

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  2. concede, accede, exceed, decreed, gilead, degreed, elide, agreed;
  3. aristide, overfeed, guaranteed, disagreed, intercede;