How To Spell Neil?

Correct spelling: Neil

What does the abbreviation Neil mean?


Neil as a boy's name is pronounced neel. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Neil is "champion". Scottish variant of Niall. Also possibly "cloud" and "passionate". The most famous Celtic king of Ireland was Niall of the Nine Hostages. See also Nelson and Nyles. Astronaut Neil Armstrong; singers Neil Diamond, Neil Young; playwright Neil Simon; actor Sam Neill.

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What are the rhymes for Neil?

  1. spiel, neel, squeal, neile, teel, scheele, beil, smeal, steal, neill, seal, skeel, steele, feel, reel, heel, peele, teal, wheel, zele, he'll, deale, heal, neal, teall, kneel, diel, beall, zeal, kiel, real, neale, keel, mele, weil, veal, cele, seel, peel, niel, beal, shiel, gilles, peal, neall, ciel, creel, meal, deal, peale, we'll, deel, eel, riel, steel, teale, leal, she'll, beale;
  2. puerile, emil, o'neill, mcneal, cecile, unreal, genteel, mcneil, emile, ordeal, brasil, abele, verrill, corneal, unseal, nevil, reseal, anneal, ferrill, macneill, adriel, reveal, appeal, mcneill, shaquille, camille, congeal, morrill, ideal, savill, oneal, surreal, lucille, o'neal, repeal, lucile, conceal, macneal;
  3. averill, villarreal;
  4. automobile;