How To Spell neither?

Correct spelling: neither

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What is the definition of neither?

  1. Not either.

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What are the rhymes for neither?

  1. either, breather, tither;

What are the translations for neither?

Afrikaans word for Neither


Albanian word for Neither


Arabic word for Neither


Bengali word for Neither

তন্ন তন্ন.

Chinese word for Neither


Dutch word for Neither


French words for Neither

aucun, aucune, ni l'un ni l'autre.

German words for Neither

noch, weder, keine, keiner, auch nicht, keines, nie.

Greek word for Neither


Hindi word for Neither

न तो.

Italian word for Neither


Japanese word for Neither


Javanese word for Neither


Korean word for Neither

...도 ...도 아니다.

Norwegian word for Neither


Portuguese words for Neither

nenhum, nem, tampouco, nenhum dos dois, nenhuns, nenhuma das duas.

Romanian word for Neither


Russian words for Neither

ни, тоже нет.

Spanish words for Neither

tampoco, ninguna, ninguno, ninguno de los dos.

Swedish words for Neither

ni, inte heller.

Turkish word for Neither


Vietnamese word for Neither

không phải cái này mà cũng không phải cái kia.