How To Spell never?

Correct spelling: never

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What is the definition of never?

  1. not at all; certainly not; not in any circumstances; "never fear"; "bringing up children is never easy"; "that will never do"; "what is morally wrong can never be politically right"

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What are the translations for never?

Arabic word for Never


Chinese words for Never

永不, 从不, 绝不, 从来没, 从来不, 决不.

Dutch word for Never


French words for Never

jamais, à aucun prix, en aucune circonstance, nullement.

German words for Never

Mai, nie, niemals, noch nie, nimmer, zu keiner Zeit, nicht im Geringsten, keinmal.

Hindi word for Never

कभी नहीं.

Japanese words for Never

決して, けっして, けして, 努, こんりんざい, 金輪際, ・・・したことがない.

Javanese word for Never

Ora tau.

Korean word for Never

결코 ...않다.

Malay word for Never

Tidak pernah.

Marathi word for Never

कधीही नाही.

Norwegian word for Never


Polish word for Never


Romanian word for Never


Russian word for Never


Spanish word for Never


Swedish word for Never


Turkish word for Never


Ukrainian word for Never


Vietnamese word for Never

không bao giờ.