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How To Spell next?

Correct spelling: next

Definition of next:

  1. immediately following in time or order; "the following day"; "next in line"; "the next president"; "the next item on the list"

List of misspellings for next:

  • anixety,
  • nexten,
  • lext,
  • nexon,
  • nignt,
  • texte,
  • nexted,
  • nexum,
  • nextone,
  • nexyt,
  • nigtht,
  • nexts,
  • nigjht,
  • nexy,
  • conext,
  • nextg,
  • newxt,
  • anexed,
  • nxt,
  • nett,
  • texto,
  • nexty,
  • mext,
  • nezt,
  • nevt,
  • naxt,
  • necsity,
  • bnext,
  • nextto,
  • next,
  • nexr,
  • wwntwxt,
  • naket,
  • nex,
  • nextr,
  • nextime,
  • anixity,
  • aniexity,
  • njght,
  • juxt,
  • negosinate,
  • neht,
  • nrext,
  • neglet,
  • necssity,
  • nsert,
  • rext,
  • exute,
  • nect,
  • nextweek,
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  • yext,
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  • nextdoor,
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  • june1st,
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  • nesaty,
  • anixty,
  • newst.

What does the abbreviation next mean?

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Play by Sarah Ruhl

In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) is a play by Sarah Ruhl. It concerns the early history of the vibrator, when doctors used it as a clinical device to bring women to orgasm as treatment for "hysteria."

India's Next Superstars


Indian reality show

India's Next Superstars is a talent-searcher Indian reality show, which is only streamed on Star Plus. Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty are the judges for the show.

Next Day Air


2009 film

Next Day Air is a 2009 American action comedy film that was released by Summit Entertainment on May 8, 2009. The film starring Donald Faison and Mike Epps was produced on an estimated budget of $3 million.

Next Star


Romanian TV show

Next Star is a Romanian TV show broadcast on the Romanian television station Antena 1 to discover talent for those aged 3 to 13 years. The top prize is 20,000 euros.

Xanadu Next


Video game

Xanadu Next is an action role-playing game developed and published by Nihon Falcom for Microsoft Windows on 27 October 2005. Before that, on 20 June 2005, Nokia published ScriptArts' two-player-capable adaptation of the game for the Nokia N-Gage.

Google Ngram Viewer results for next:

This graph shows how "next" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for next:

  1. flex, sexed, rex, hex, jex, mex, flexed, treks, x, necks, pecks, lex, vexed, wrecks, flecks, text, becks, hext, decks, tex, czechs, plex, dec's, specks, vex, techs, ex, dex, checks, specs;
  2. execs, annexed, dissects, respects, projects, suspects, cmx, rejects, complex, perplexed, annex, effects, perplex, convex, reflects, objects, expects;
  3. atx, intersects, teletext, megaplex;

Translations for next:

Arabic word for Next


Bengali word for Next


Chinese word for Next


Dutch words for Next

volgende, volgend, aanstaand, vervolgens, dan, komend, daarna, eerstvolgend, aansluitend, voorts.

French words for Next

suivant, ensuite, prochain, futures, subséquentes.

German words for Next

dann, folgend, kommend, Logo, nächste, nächstes, nächster, als nächstes.

Greek word for Next


Hindi word for Next


Italian word for Next


Japanese words for Next

次, 次に, ネクスト, つぎ, この次, 次いで, 次なる, 翌, お次, つぎに, おつぎ, つぎなる, 御次, このつぎ, 明くる, 翌る, あくる.

Javanese word for Next


Malay word for Next


Norwegian word for Next


Portuguese words for Next

seguinte, depois, próxima, adjacente, vizinho, posteriores, vindouro, sucessiva.

Russian word for Next


Spanish words for Next

futuro, luego, posterior, subsiguiente, venidero, siguiente, junto, entrante, futura, de detrás.

Turkish word for Next


Vietnamese word for Next

tiếp sau.