How To Spell next?

Correct spelling: next

What is the definition of next?

  1. immediately following in time or order; "the following day"; "next in line"; "the next president"; "the next item on the list"

What does the abbreviation next mean?

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What are the rhymes for next?

  1. flex, sexed, rex, hex, jex, mex, flexed, treks, x, necks, pecks, lex, vexed, wrecks, flecks, text, becks, hext, decks, tex, czechs, plex, dec's, specks, vex, techs, ex, dex, checks, specs;
  2. execs, annexed, dissects, respects, projects, suspects, cmx, rejects, complex, perplexed, annex, effects, perplex, convex, reflects, objects, expects;
  3. atx, intersects, teletext, megaplex;

What are the translations for next?

Arabic word for Next


Bengali word for Next


Chinese word for Next


Dutch words for Next

volgende, volgend, aanstaand, vervolgens, dan, komend, daarna, eerstvolgend, aansluitend, voorts.

French words for Next

suivant, ensuite, prochain, futures, subséquentes.

German words for Next

dann, folgend, kommend, Logo, nächste, nächstes, nächster, als nächstes.

Greek word for Next


Hindi word for Next


Italian word for Next


Japanese words for Next

次, 次に, ネクスト, つぎ, この次, 次いで, 次なる, 翌, お次, つぎに, おつぎ, つぎなる, 御次, このつぎ, 明くる, 翌る, あくる.

Javanese word for Next


Malay word for Next


Norwegian word for Next


Portuguese words for Next

seguinte, depois, próxima, adjacente, vizinho, posteriores, vindouro, sucessiva.

Russian word for Next


Spanish words for Next

futuro, luego, posterior, subsiguiente, venidero, siguiente, junto, entrante, futura, de detrás.

Turkish word for Next


Vietnamese word for Next

tiếp sau.