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Correct spelling: next

Definition of next:

  1. Of Nigh; nearest in place, time, or degree.
  2. Immediately succeeding. Next door to, very near to.

Common misspellings for next:

nexth, nextdoor, naxt, nexrt, thext.


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This graph shows how "next" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for next:

  1. I'll take care to let her know next time I'm coming. –  by
  2. I sleep in a little room next to aunt and uncle. –  by
  3. Well, perhaps you will come back next year, and then we shall see more of you. –  by

Rhymes for next:

  1. ex, flex, hex, sexed, specs, text, vex, vexed, flexed, lex, rex, x, czechs, tex, dex, checks, wrecks, flecks, specks, treks, pecks, mex, plex, dec's, hext, jex, techs, necks, decks, becks;
  2. annex, complex, convex, effects, perplex, perplexed, respects, annexed, rejects, objects, projects, expects, dissects, reflects, suspects, cmx, execs;
  3. intersects, atx, megaplex, teletext;