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Spell Check of nicotine

Correct spelling: nicotine

Definition of nicotine:

  1. an alkaloid poison that occurs in tobacco; used in medicine and as an insecticide

Common misspellings for nicotine:

  • nicotene (38%)
  • nictone (9%)
  • nicoteen (8%)
  • nicatine (6%)
  • nicotin (4%)
  • nicoten (4%)
  • nictoine (4%)
  • nicotein (4%)
  • nictotine (4%)
  • nicodine (3%)
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Examples of usage for nicotine:

  1. This smoke covers the lungs with yellow nicotine, carbon and poisonous gases. "Dollars and Sense" , Col. Wm. C. Hunter.
  2. " Half the absinthe drinker's joy is derived from filtering the necessary drops of water through a lump of sugar," he said as Don reclosed his pouch; " and in the same way, to the lover of my lady Nicotine the filling of the pipe is a ritual, the lighting a burnt offering and the smoking a mere habit." "The Orchard of Tears" , Sax Rohmer.