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How To Spell nock?

Correct spelling: nock

Definition of nock:

  1. A notch.

List of misspellings for nock:

  • n0ock,
  • nocj,
  • noxck,
  • nocjk,
  • no9ck,
  • nocko,
  • nocfk,
  • npock,
  • nocdk,
  • nobk,
  • no0ck,
  • nocl,
  • nocm,
  • nockl,
  • nnck,
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  • nocok,
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  • nogk,
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  • novck,
  • n ock,
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  • noc k,
  • nlck,
  • nodck,
  • npck,
  • nodk,
  • noclk,
  • n9ock,
  • ncok.

What does the abbreviation nock mean?

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Google Ngram Viewer results for nock:

This graph shows how "nock" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for nock:

  1. " Will be glad to try, but not knowing your language and having no compare your measurement to ours, am not sure can do what you wish," he felt Nock say. – Man of Many Minds by E. Everett Evans

Rhymes for nock:

  1. knock, kroc, floc, lok, walk, bock, brok, rock, jock, bloch, clock, tock, roc, bach, mok, caulk, crock, hoch, lock, och, doc, frock, chok, glock, spock, mach, chock, shock, hoc, boch, bok, blok, roch, sok, kok, krock, block, broc, loch, croc, kloc, chalk, dock, flock, jacques, mock, stock, schlock, locke, pock, haak, wok, poch, brock, smock, sock, hock, vlok, bloc;
  2. o'clock, bangkok, restock, undock, unlock, isaak, iraq;
  3. overstock, antiknock, interlock;

Translations for nock:

Arabic word for Nock


Bengali word for Nock

শর সন্ধান করা.

Chinese word for Nock


French word for Nock


Italian word for Nock


Korean word for Nock


Marathi word for Nock


Norwegian word for Nock


Spanish word for Nock


Turkish word for Nock

oku kirişe yerleştirmek.

Vietnamese word for Nock

dấu khắc ở đầu cung.