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Examples of usage for Noes:

  1. After stating the question to be voted upon, the Speaker, or the Chairman, calls in the ordinary way for the ayes and noes. "The Government of England (Vol. I)" , A. Lawrence Lowell.
  2. The ayes then go into the lobby that runs parallel to the House on the Speaker's right, the noes into that on his left; and until 1906 every member in the House, except the Speaker, was obliged to go into one lobby or the other, unless he was physically disabled, when his vote might be counted in the House. "The Government of England (Vol. I)" , A. Lawrence Lowell.

Quotes for Noes:

  1. The Ball no question makes of Ayes and Noes, But Here or There as strikes the Player goes. - Edward Fitzgerald

Rhymes for Noes:

  1. arose, bestows, compose, depose, disclose, dispose, dubose, enclose, expose, foreclose, forgoes, impose, oppose, plainclothes, propose, repose, stavros, suppose, tarots, transpose.
  2. beaus, blows, boase, boes, bose, bowes, bows, brose, chose, close, clothes, cose, crose, crows, doze, flows, foes, froze, glows, goes, gose, grows, hoes, hose, joes, jos, knows, lo's, lowes, lows, moes, mose, ngos, nose, o's, ohs, ose, owes, pose, pows, pros, prose, roes, rohs, rose, rows, sews, shows, slows, snows, sows, those, throes, throws, toes, tows, vose, woes.
  3. decompose, interpose, juxtapose, predispose, presuppose, reimpose.
  4. overexpose, superimpose.
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