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How To Spell nomination?

Correct spelling: nomination

Definition of nomination:

  1. the act of officially naming a candidate; "the Republican nomination for Governor"

List of misspellings for nomination:

  • incemination,
  • nonination,
  • niominations,
  • mainatian,
  • ntenna,
  • comdination,
  • denomonation,
  • fiminization,
  • tomention,
  • noninations,
  • sumnation,
  • nominiation,
  • nonimation,
  • naodyne,
  • namination,
  • natomy,
  • noficiation,
  • comanation,
  • denomanation,
  • nominaion,
  • nno domini,
  • incimination,
  • nominationg,
  • comnination,
  • temination,
  • cominbation,
  • nomimating,
  • nonmination,
  • comination,
  • nomintions,
  • nonimations,
  • minimisation,
  • nomnation,
  • dominiation,
  • nomimation,
  • nommination,
  • feminzation,
  • naatotitan,
  • commenation,
  • domenation,
  • denomiantion,
  • amination,
  • nickmention,
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  • momicashan,
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  • nomation,
  • nnotation,
  • comminciation,
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  • imination,
  • nadean,
  • norsistion,
  • eamination,
  • imaingation,
  • imaination,
  • dinomination,
  • nomantion.

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French Socialist Party presidential primary, 2011


The 2011 French Socialist Party presidential primary was the first open primary of the French Socialist Party and Radical Party of the Left for selecting their candidate for the 2012 presidential election.


Song by Kernell32

Republican Party presidential primaries, 1912


The 1912 Republican presidential primaries were the selection process by which the voters of the Republican Party chose its nominee for President of the United States in the 1912 presidential election.

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Examples of usage for nomination:

  1. The nomination of candidates did not necessarily form any part of their functions. – The Government of England (Vol. I) by A. Lawrence Lowell

Rhymes for nomination:

  1. illumination, equalization, inflation, navigation, consultation, communization, rectification, exploitation, imitation, authentication, dislocation, implementation, oxidation, colonization, evaporation, refrigeration, lactation, expiration, calibration, vindication, articulation, liquidation, decoration, normalization, congratulation, assassination, deviation, decentralization, titillation, excitation, constellation, evocation, coordination, immunization, discoloration, pressurization, reservation, hospitalization, falsification, modulation, hallucination, nondiscrimination, ionization, enumeration, aviation, excavation, inactivation, overpopulation, explication, amplification, capitulation, adaptation, operation, inauguration, explanation, polarization, computerization, ovulation, neutralization, commendation, fluctuation, allegation, consideration, adjudication, formation, disorganization, bifurcation, optation, qualification, alienation, configuration, negotiation, reverberation, interpretation, nullification, declaration, edification, calculation, desiccation, dedication, clarification, foundation, alteration, liberalization, formulation, investigation, redecoration, extermination, narration, corroboration, generation, saturation, equivocation, discrimination, simulation, sanctification, desecration, deceleration, delegation, mineralization, desperation, elation, culmination, renomination, translation, augmentation, amalgamation, coloration, recommendation, predestination, proclamation, annotation, coagulation, invocation, masturbation, nitration, commercialization, perforation, instrumentation, convocation, visitation, hibernation, intonation, categorization, foliation, pigmentation, disinclination, demonization, mitigation, amelioration, dissemination, fertilization, elongation, dilation, irritation, habitation, menstruation, affectation, frustration, speculation, regulation, maturation, allocation, valuation, horatian, transformation, duration, recreation, reclassification, limitation, disputation, incarceration, marginalization, violation, publication, derivation, condemnation, designation, immigration, obligation, balkanization, exploration, distillation, application, procreation, misinterpretation, invalidation, liberation, participation, motivation, incubation, pontification, dehumanization, depopulation, anticipation, standardization, vibration, moderation, stalinization, prefabrication, dissociation, validation, evaluation, echolocation, rationalization, recalculation, gradation, misinformation, fluoridation, sequestration, codification, libration, reaffiliation, location, levitation, glorification, reevaluation, vaporization, jubilation, education, imputation, mobilization, impregnation, maximization, population, glaciation, revaluation, integration, annihilation, meditation, inflammation, ornamentation, prognostication, deliberation, fragmentation, granulation, reparation, inhabitation, privatisation, victimization, depravation, cancellation, miscalculation, notification, avocation, mutation, propagation, appellation, magnetization, information, appropriation, recertification, stabilization, association, dissertation, premeditation, optimization, exfoliation, automation, ossification, orchestration, evacuation, centralization, revelation, assimilation, stipulation, ostentation, desalinization, identification, installation, christianization, detonation, adoration, stagflation, mechanization, damnation, invitation, hesitation, facilitation, separation, civilization, resignation, commemoration, reexamination, gastrulation, fascination, demodulation, temptation, instigation, privatization, initiation, desegregation, repatriation, insemination, triangulation, consummation, preparation, sedimentation, inoculation, insubordination, relaxation, hydrogenation, implication, discontinuation, reunification, magnification, radiation, detoxification, exasperation, permutation, globalization, disembarkation, imagination, privation, determination, advocation, reorganization, utilization, simplification, demarcation, subsidization, manifestation, denomination, misrepresentation, compilation, affrication, conversation, denationalization, organization, solicitation, indexation, segmentation, politicization, collaboration, incorporation, hydration, revitalization, sedation, confiscation, relation, infatuation, purification, infiltration, litigation, confabulation, expropriation, harmonization, rededication, malformation, quantification, elevation, preservation, reiteration, documentation, figuration, divination, flotation, improvisation, complication, filtration, gratification, personalization, justification, infestation, reinvigoration, tribulation, concatenation, reclamation, tabulation, replication, disinformation, mediation, gestation, coronation, proration, incantation, isolation, vilification, graduation, pronunciation, decapitation, confrontation, renunciation, emanation, laceration, disqualification, incrimination, recantation, overvaluation, strangulation, dilatation, correlation, saponification, repudiation, recitation, elaboration, fermentation, modification, annexation, deprivation, diversification, cultivation, ministration, recuperation, rehydration, self-congratulation, specification, obfuscation, verification, occupation, renovation, medication, situation, deification, negation, experimentation, ligation, flirtation, mummification, consolation, combination, exhumation, electrification, reforestation, multiplication, continuation, miscreation, ratification, desalination, altercation, connotation, monopolization, hybridization, depredation, specialization, incoordination, collectivization, suffocation, pasteurization, illustration, nationalization, conjugation, proliferation, reallocation, alleviation, reputation, eradication, escalation, exacerbation, defamation, croatian, arbitration, emigration, salvation, cremation, innovation, certification, extrapolation, delineation, disinflation, miseration, characterization, expectation, visualization, fabrication, oscillation, vulgarization, fibrillation, creation, duplication, perspiration, classification, mutilation, exhalation, exaggeration, remediation, estimation, perturbation, telecommunication, aspiration, intimation, importation, exhilaration, vacillation, gasification, reflation, amputation, toleration, machination, undervaluation, misidentification, reauthorization, incapacitation, observation, sterilization, germination, implantation, differentiation, exclamation, usurpation, backwardation, indentation, compensation, resuscitation, affirmation, oration, respiration, socialization, renegotiation, vacation, dalmatian, retardation, reconsideration, argumentation, agglomeration, reincarnation, recrimination, consternation, prostration, localization, demonstration, representation, transplantation, sarmatian, deregulation, intensification, vaccination, corporation, excommunication, computation, nucleation, conservation, conglomeration, corp, ejaculation, nonproliferation, inspiration, summation, conflagration, manipulation, realization, reformation, securitization, legislation, legalization, criminalization, desolation, quotation, rotation, suburbanization, embarkation, misappropriation, naturalization, deflation, modernization, ordination, adulation, reconfirmation, agitation, appreciation, indication, concentration, celebration, donation, revocation, reconfiguration, rumination, ramification, personification, deformation, precipitation, migration, cogitation, gentrification, misapplication, appalachian, dissipation, russification, profanation, examination, consecration, inclination, sophistication, miscommunication, subluxation, equitation, probation, domestication, gyration, transportation, exhortation, fortification, democratization, termination, sanitation, reaffirmation, decontamination, exoneration, transillumination, molestation, rehabilitation, fumigation, restoration, generalization, procrastination, contamination, irradiation, insulation, perpetuation, taxation, stagnation, regimentation, destination, hyperinflation, disorientation, westernization, congregation, miniaturization, devaluation, starvation, substantiation, indoctrination, origination, organisation, unionization, decertification, contemplation, refutation, orientation, demobilization, segregation, stimulation, ventilation, ovation, conciliation, popularization, indignation, dehydration, provocation, approximation, animation, irrigation, subordination, aggravation, fixation, registration, reinterpretation, urbanization, variation, notation, presentation, insinuation, incrustation, communication, confederation, amortization, palpitation, consolidation, gravitation, syndication, sensation, pacification, deforestation, approbation, dispensation, indemnification, domination, punctuation, confirmation, dictation, lubrication, destabilization, expatriation, pollination, incarnation, demoralization, regeneration, crustacean, humiliation, accumulation, degeneration, elimination, industrialization, relocation, disintegration, depreciation, devastation, retaliation, authorization, admiration, denunciation, rejuvenation, reconciliation, pagination, cohabitation, constipation, impersonation, federation, emulation, affiliation, intimidation, plantation, unification, protestation, condensation, trepidation, intoxication, interrogation, inundation, remuneration, preoccupation, inhalation, emancipation, cooperation, vegetation, degradation, dramatization, vocation, deportation;
  2. nation, station, ration, haitian;
  3. carnation, cetacean, alsatian, castration, citation, causation, cessation;
  4. acclimation, abrogation, accusation, abdication, activation, aberration;
  5. abomination, abbreviation, accreditation, accommodation, acceleration;
  6. alphabetization, cannibalization, capitalization, acidification;
  7. decriminalization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for nomination:

Afrikaans word for Nomination


Arabic word for Nomination


Chinese word for Nomination


Dutch words for Nomination

voordracht, aanwijzing, benoeming, kandidatuur, aanstelling, kandidaatstelling, nominatie.

German words for Nomination

Aufstellung, Vorschlag, Berufung, Ernennung, Benennung, Nominierung, Nennung, Nomination.

Greek word for Nomination


Italian word for Nomination


Malay word for Nomination

Secara nominal.

Norwegian word for Nomination


Polish word for Nomination


Portuguese word for Nomination


Romanian word for Nomination


Russian words for Nomination

выдвижение, номинация, выдвижение кандидатов.

Spanish words for Nomination

nombramiento, nómina.

Swedish word for Nomination


Turkish word for Nomination


Vietnamese word for Nomination

sự đề cử.