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How To Spell notation?

Correct spelling: notation

Definition of notation:

  1. a comment or instruction (usually added); "his notes were appended at the end of the article"; "he added a short notation to the address on the envelope"

List of misspellings for notation:

  • notaion,
  • conatation,
  • nonimation,
  • nuturtion,
  • rotatioin,
  • initation,
  • routation,
  • hydartion,
  • notication,
  • donoation,
  • dontation,
  • unitartian,
  • negoation,
  • neogiation,
  • fountation,
  • dontion,
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  • sutation,
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  • nomimation,
  • atation,
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  • tuttion,
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  • contuation.

What does the abbreviation notation mean?

  • –  NTtttttttttmmmnnnrecent
  • –  NTtttttttttmmmnnrecent

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5-Geranyloxy-7-methoxycoumarin is a natural coumarin with the molecular formula C₂₀H₂₄O₄. It is found in the essential oils of citrus such as bergamot.

Digital Notation #12 Featuring ToadFace

Jean-Raymond Abrial


French computer scientist

Jean-Raymond Abrial is a French computer scientist and inventor of the Z and B formal methods. J.-R. Abrial is the father of the Z notation, during his time at the Programming Research Group within the Oxford University Computing Laboratory, and later the B-Method, two leading formal methods for software engineering.

Notation Campfire

Octávio Trompowsky


Octávio Figueira Trompowsky de Almeida was a Brazilian chess player, who was born and died in Rio de Janeiro. Trompowsky won the 1939 Brazilian Championship, but is best known as the player for whom the Trompowsky Attack chess opening was named.

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Rhymes for notation:

  1. consternation, polarization, approximation, decapitation, laceration, manipulation, excitation, naturalization, summation, exoneration, fertilization, perturbation, renomination, instrumentation, prefabrication, equitation, clarification, fumigation, inclination, conglomeration, depravation, altercation, translation, desperation, adoration, depredation, flotation, examination, discrimination, dedication, amelioration, securitization, classification, alteration, participation, initiation, vaccination, legalization, inoculation, narration, cogitation, alleviation, exploitation, deprivation, fibrillation, consummation, ostentation, enumeration, magnetization, pollination, maturation, mineralization, irradiation, congregation, dictation, revelation, recommendation, calculation, dalmatian, humiliation, affectation, gestation, exaggeration, socialization, preoccupation, relaxation, habitation, infatuation, illustration, denunciation, coloration, prostration, indexation, speculation, facilitation, transformation, self-congratulation, perforation, deliberation, depreciation, fluoridation, agitation, incorporation, modulation, ornamentation, oxidation, levitation, demarcation, disinflation, renunciation, coronation, misrepresentation, probation, equivocation, fermentation, assimilation, expropriation, moderation, fragmentation, avocation, aggravation, gentrification, visualization, generation, commercialization, adulation, regeneration, fabrication, exclamation, communication, proclamation, privatization, rectification, differentiation, liberation, taxation, experimentation, consideration, explanation, demobilization, hallucination, elongation, industrialization, ligation, consolidation, miscreation, misapplication, propagation, proliferation, formulation, confrontation, normalization, tabulation, renegotiation, cooperation, destabilization, authentication, continuation, configuration, computerization, duplication, duration, vegetation, subordination, dissipation, insinuation, realization, evacuation, edification, animation, modernization, precipitation, complication, horatian, remediation, nitration, proration, reputation, decentralization, undervaluation, articulation, filtration, inflation, denationalization, revocation, cultivation, consecration, discoloration, education, extermination, annotation, argumentation, oscillation, valuation, legislation, confirmation, frustration, balkanization, mediation, salvation, documentation, agglomeration, intensification, visitation, saturation, manifestation, designation, limitation, repatriation, hospitalization, expiration, investigation, infestation, condensation, figuration, commemoration, denomination, aspiration, reconfirmation, glorification, adaptation, obligation, remuneration, ovation, pasteurization, segmentation, stimulation, insulation, evaporation, demonstration, suffocation, recrimination, concentration, creation, subluxation, miscalculation, declaration, incarnation, impregnation, optimization, transplantation, vocation, emanation, isolation, annexation, dehydration, collectivization, reexamination, refrigeration, mutilation, standardization, nondiscrimination, quantification, provocation, disinformation, adjudication, substantiation, pronunciation, demonization, recantation, decoration, pontification, inactivation, disqualification, conciliation, dislocation, mutation, imagination, triangulation, application, elation, motivation, orientation, amalgamation, infiltration, masturbation, inhalation, prognostication, interrogation, hybridization, combination, mitigation, crustacean, instigation, liberalization, resuscitation, retaliation, discontinuation, contemplation, damnation, deceleration, dispensation, nationalization, deification, equalization, characterization, exhumation, preparation, misinformation, resignation, privatisation, verification, bifurcation, hyperinflation, allocation, amortization, democratization, implication, inundation, foliation, trepidation, communization, operation, reservation, specialization, gratification, insubordination, neutralization, overvaluation, westernization, radiation, premeditation, sophistication, delegation, inspiration, toleration, defamation, amputation, culmination, perpetuation, immigration, rejuvenation, augmentation, degradation, federation, intimation, anticipation, incantation, coagulation, fortification, malformation, installation, insemination, disorganization, constipation, integration, incrimination, authorization, backwardation, indentation, invocation, divination, appalachian, arbitration, contamination, relocation, simplification, vaporization, indemnification, negotiation, miscommunication, location, gradation, decontamination, deregulation, disintegration, rehabilitation, relation, glaciation, compilation, graduation, incarceration, desecration, organization, privation, distillation, maximization, optation, origination, nucleation, variation, simulation, reaffirmation, granulation, criminalization, ramification, replication, revaluation, formation, misidentification, ejaculation, deformation, fixation, respiration, profanation, reinterpretation, russification, desiccation, predestination, invalidation, stipulation, exacerbation, determination, dehumanization, stabilization, tribulation, segregation, lactation, excommunication, disorientation, libration, capitulation, delineation, extrapolation, vindication, presentation, meditation, intonation, expatriation, annihilation, generalization, qualification, alienation, approbation, disputation, croatian, confiscation, condemnation, jubilation, celebration, affiliation, conflagration, specification, palpitation, categorization, reverberation, temptation, degeneration, advocation, politicization, registration, corroboration, harmonization, hesitation, deviation, concatenation, usurpation, germination, evaluation, telecommunication, reorganization, fascination, plantation, ossification, domestication, reformation, admiration, cohabitation, rumination, indication, pigmentation, reclamation, dilatation, personification, solicitation, fluctuation, interpretation, aviation, exasperation, incubation, ovulation, termination, importation, improvisation, reinvigoration, rededication, miniaturization, sanitation, inflammation, demoralization, indoctrination, procrastination, lubrication, commendation, utilization, reclassification, confederation, observation, automation, incapacitation, desegregation, reforestation, titillation, oration, dissertation, sequestration, depopulation, elevation, purification, appropriation, allegation, domination, sterilization, exfoliation, nomination, sarmatian, excavation, navigation, derivation, magnification, gravitation, falsification, conversation, retardation, deportation, violation, correlation, reincarnation, reconfiguration, conservation, affirmation, unionization, imputation, cancellation, ratification, separation, invitation, sedation, rotation, transportation, ministration, sanctification, gastrulation, flirtation, medication, nonproliferation, cremation, justification, victimization, pacification, misappropriation, overpopulation, affrication, vacation, assassination, reconciliation, suburbanization, diversification, permutation, association, dramatization, connotation, vulgarization, codification, organisation, procreation, mechanization, congratulation, mummification, regimentation, electrification, appellation, disinclination, compensation, liquidation, machination, corp, starvation, pressurization, reparation, hydration, validation, exhalation, localization, stalinization, collaboration, population, intoxication, desalinization, representation, subsidization, marginalization, detoxification, implementation, sedimentation, coordination, inauguration, reiteration, accumulation, migration, irritation, exploration, computation, dissociation, syndication, disembarkation, personalization, menstruation, echolocation, corporation, identification, reunification, reevaluation, vacillation, multiplication, ventilation, situation, notification, quotation, recalculation, repudiation, reflation, incoordination, consolation, pagination, sensation, rationalization, ordination, stagnation, information, strangulation, misinterpretation, recitation, impersonation, saponification, litigation, occupation, immunization, centralization, calibration, christianization, escalation, incrustation, dissemination, deforestation, transillumination, unification, urbanization, recuperation, colonization, intimidation, decertification, emulation, gasification, confabulation, explication, rehydration, recertification, emancipation, dilation, mobilization, elaboration, vibration, conjugation, consultation, certification, monopolization, orchestration, nullification, donation, elimination, desalination, ionization, implantation, demodulation, embarkation, stagflation, exhortation, vilification, obfuscation, revitalization, modification, reallocation, exhilaration, imitation, refutation, destination, detonation, globalization, recreation, publication, redecoration, foundation, amplification, reauthorization, appreciation, reconsideration, devastation, devaluation, protestation, civilization, reaffiliation, hydrogenation, gyration, deflation, expectation, regulation, hibernation, eradication, illumination, popularization, restoration, indignation, desolation, innovation, estimation, renovation, constellation, punctuation, emigration, inhabitation, molestation, negation, miseration, convocation, irrigation, evocation, preservation, perspiration;
  2. haitian, station, ration, nation;
  3. alsatian, castration, citation, carnation, cetacean, cessation, causation;
  4. aberration, activation, abrogation, accusation, abdication, acclimation;
  5. accreditation, acceleration, accommodation, abbreviation, abomination;
  6. acidification, cannibalization, capitalization, alphabetization;
  7. americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization, decriminalization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for notation:

Afrikaans word for Notation


Arabic word for Notation


Dutch words for Notation

schrijfwijze, aantekening, notering, notatie.

German words for Notation

Anmerkung, Vermerk, Notierung, Bezeichnung, Kennzeichnung, Schreibweise, Formel, Notation, Notenschrift, Darstellungsart.

Greek word for Notation


Italian word for Notation


Japanese word for Notation


Korean word for Notation


Malay word for Notation


Marathi word for Notation


Norwegian word for Notation


Polish word for Notation


Portuguese word for Notation


Romanian word for Notation


Russian words for Notation

нотация, условные знаки, форма записи.

Spanish word for Notation


Tamil word for Notation


Turkish word for Notation