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Spell Check of notoriety

Correct spelling: notoriety

Definition of notoriety:

  1. Notoriousness.

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Quotes for notoriety:

  1. You have to work in this business on your own terms. Don't sell out for money, fame, or notoriety.
  2. Stupidity fuses notoriety and celebrity.
  3. I've never personally criticized anyone else's music, but I know that the public's real problem is not the music I make but the perception that I play simple music for money only and for the notoriety and to increase my popularity.
  4. I think a responsibility comes with notoriety, but I never think of it as power. It's more like something you hold, like grains of sand. If you keep your hand closed, you can have it and possess it, but if you open your fingers in any way, you can lose it just as quickly.
  5. Let your family, staff, and friends know that you're still the same person, despite all the publicity and notoriety that accompanies your position.

Rhymes for notoriety:

  1. piety;
  2. sobriety, propriety, society, variety, anxiety;
  3. impropriety;