How To Spell novel?

Correct spelling: novel

What does the abbreviation novel mean?

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This graph shows how "novel" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for novel?

  1. The sensation of being so looked at was quite novel to her and very curious.

What are the rhymes for novel?

  1. covell, grovel;

What are the translations for novel?

Arabic word for Novel


Dutch words for Novel

origineel, nieuw, onbekend, vernieuwend.

French words for Novel

nouveau, innovant, novateur, romance, récente.

German words for Novel

neu, singulär, original, originell, neuartig, Roman.

Greek word for Novel


Hindi word for Novel


Italian word for Novel


Japanese words for Novel

小説, 新た, 新奇, ノベル, しょうせつ, 浪曼, 浪漫, ざんしんきばつ, ローマン, ろうまん, 斬新奇抜.

Polish words for Novel

nowy, nowatorski, powieść, innowacyjny.

Portuguese words for Novel

novo, inovador, inovadoras, inovadores, inéditos, fora do comum, novela.

Russian words for Novel

новый, роман, маленький рассказ.

Spanish words for Novel

innovadora, curioso, nuevo, innovador, novedoso, moderno, inusitado, novel.

Tamil word for Novel


Turkish word for Novel