How To Spell o'neill?

Correct spelling: o'neill

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This graph shows how "o'neill" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for o'neill?

  1. 374; rising in, under Hugh O'Neill v. – History of the English People, Index by John Richard Green
  2. But while this was independence, it was independence in the sense of Molyneux, Swift and Grattan, not in the sense in which it had been understood by Hugh O'Neill – The Evolution of Sinn Fein by Robert Mitchell Henry
  3. The American colonies went farther and fared better, and the descendants of the race of Hugh O'Neill had to be reckoned with still. – The Evolution of Sinn Fein by Robert Mitchell Henry

What are the rhymes for o'neill?

  1. steele, heel, beal, neale, veal, ciel, squeal, he'll, real, peele, neile, meal, wheel, shiel, neil, riel, skeel, gilles, diel, beall, deel, zeal, scheele, reel, peal, leal, steal, creel, beale, eel, teale, heal, kneel, seel, neal, deale, spiel, kiel, deal, teall, steel, zele, neel, neill, weil, she'll, beil, niel, feel, peale, neall, teel, mele, smeal, teal, we'll, seal, cele, peel, keel;
  2. mcneal, conceal, puerile, genteel, unseal, savill, shaquille, morrill, nevil, mcneil, ideal, macneill, o'neal, repeal, mcneill, brasil, oneal, surreal, reseal, abele, anneal, macneal, ordeal, lucile, appeal, unreal, verrill, congeal, reveal, ferrill, emile, camille, cecile, adriel, emil, corneal, lucille;
  3. villarreal, averill;
  4. automobile;