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How To Spell obey?

Correct spelling: obey

Definition of obey:

  1. be obedient to

List of misspellings for obey:

  • tobay,
  • hobbey,
  • okey,
  • abouy,
  • phoeby,
  • avobe,
  • oniy,
  • oliy,
  • obay,
  • obesy,
  • maeby,
  • ober,
  • obeyd,
  • ebaiy,
  • oley,
  • tobuy,
  • meby,
  • aobve,
  • obays,
  • zobie,
  • oney,
  • obly,
  • aodbe,
  • doobee,
  • thbey,
  • ibew,
  • ofeh,
  • aobuty,
  • obagi,
  • yoebo,
  • othey,
  • oboma,
  • obody,
  • obece,
  • ocober,
  • ebjoy,
  • ourbody,
  • odbey,
  • acobe,
  • tbey,
  • obbey,
  • otbe,
  • mobby,
  • bey,
  • orbes,
  • noboy,
  • adoby,
  • obesse,
  • mebey,
  • obeace,
  • akey,
  • obser,
  • obam,
  • okee,
  • theby,
  • onbe,
  • ubber,
  • diobay,
  • arber,
  • oozey,
  • obe,
  • obes,
  • outby,
  • owber,
  • obess,
  • osee,
  • diobey,
  • obver,
  • tobey,
  • obviou,
  • obeas,
  • aubery,
  • aboev,
  • ebergy,
  • obesiy,
  • obamo,
  • obaba,
  • obame,
  • lobey,
  • boey,
  • obsay,
  • oben,
  • orbet,
  • ovee,
  • obth,
  • oktober,
  • ebery,
  • oby,
  • ohey,
  • uyyyyyyyyyyyyyh,
  • oberve,
  • mybey,
  • abey,
  • abbyy,
  • oteh,
  • i'vbe,
  • avober,
  • ocea,
  • eboney,
  • mabey.

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Quotes for obey:

  1. We are a conquering race. We must obey our blood and occupy new markets and if necessary new lands.
  2. In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!
  3. I now add, farther, that the apostle's argument is so far from proving it to be the duty of people to obey, and submit to, such rulers as act in contradiction to the public good, and so to the design of their office, that it proves the direct contrary.
  4. An Army is a collection of armed men obliged to obey one man. Every change in the rules which impairs the principle weakens the army.
  5. The police must obey the law while enforcing the law.

Rhymes for obey:

  1. pray, shea, fe, lei, slay, khe, brey, gaye, bey, way, spray, mei, graye, mae, sway, sze, dey, yay, lait, che, ney, se, tae, jay, faye, drey, jaye, re, trey, hey, bay, kay, flay, ley, vey, ay, de, cray, weigh, bray, gway, hay, sta, wray, ne, whey, saye, daye, rae, say, yea, prey, sleigh, kaye, fay, day, brae, j, cay, klay, tray, pei, stay, maye, waye, nay, lay, jae, they, k, hwe, grey, fray, wey, gray, may, ae, blay, clay, wei, raye, dray, frey, nej, quay, shay, stray, paye, play, mey, tay, neigh, fey, ca, wy, ray, pay, haye, rey, quai, dae;
  2. display, convey, saute, toupee, mcveigh, bouquet, buffet, puree, passe, nikkei, delray, croquet, renee, da, decay, millay, mackay, mccrea, ga, dossier, array, essay, allay, monet, hurray, olay, cache, rene, ek, hooray, manet, souffle, o'shea, nisei, survey, moray, crochet, filet, valet, risque, sorbet, ha, levey, calais, purvey, today, dismay, mckay, delay, defray, oj, abbe, replay, macrae, gervais, okay, orsay, astray, betray, belay, bombay, cafe, dk, asay, prepay, ballet, jose, parquet, carre, beauvais, ole, beret, away, hervey, soiree, cathay, chalet, b-j, fillet, halfway, repay, portray, cliche, sergei;
  3. fiance, perrier, cabaret, overplay, underway, jna, faberge, lyonnais, monterey, ita, monterrey, disarray, cabernet, underplay, piaget, dak, bouvier, ekk, disobey, bta, aaa, intraday, uva, overstay, chevrolet, attache, ira, bua, cea;
  4. foia, naivete, noaa, hiaa, ceta, cabriolet, communique, asea;
  5. waga;

Translations for obey:

Afrikaans word for Obey


Arabic word for Obey


Bengali word for Obey


Chinese words for Obey

遵, 听从, 遵行, 尊从, 款服, 巽, 依从, 款伏, 聼.

Dutch words for Obey

opvolgen, gehoorzamen.

French word for Obey


German words for Obey

beachten, befolgen, gehorchen, parieren, vor kuschen.

Greek word for Obey


Hindi word for Obey

का पालन.

Italian word for Obey


Japanese words for Obey

随う, 戍る, 趣く, 護る, 趨く, おもぶく, おもむく, 赴く.

Javanese word for Obey


Korean word for Obey


Malay word for Obey


Marathi word for Obey

आज्ञा पाळा.

Norwegian word for Obey


Polish word for Obey

być posłusznym.

Romanian word for Obey

a fi supus.

Spanish words for Obey

cumplir, seguir, observar, obedecer, responder, acatar, hacer caso.

Swedish word for Obey


Tamil word for Obey


Turkish word for Obey

itaat etmek.

Ukrainian word for Obey