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How To Spell obligations?

Correct spelling: obligations

What are the common mistypes for obligations ?

  • obligqtions,
  • pbligations,
  • obligati9ns,
  • obligagions,
  • obligarions,
  • oblitations,
  • oblihations,
  • ohligations,
  • obligztions,
  • obligatuons,
  • ogligations,
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  • kbligations,
  • ovligations,
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  • oblivations,
  • obligati0ns,
  • obliga6ions,
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  • obligatiojs,
  • 9bligations,
  • obligatkons.

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This graph shows how "obligations" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for obligations?

  1. 3960. I presume such obligations were universal formerly? – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie

What are the rhymes for obligations?

  1. patients, haitians, nations, stations;
  2. durations, orations, creations, flirtations, citations, vacations, notations, foundations, vibrations, dalmatians, locations, crustaceans, donations, ovations, rotations, privations, plantations, gyrations, relations, formations, translations, carnations, quotations, migrations, frustrations, gradations, temptations, mutations, sensations, impatiens, croatians, vocations, castrations;
  3. illustrations, congregations, variations, explanations, deportations, integrations, registrations, connotations, reservations, adaptations, educations, desecrations, cancellations, celebrations, regulations, litigations, delegations, installations, protestations, elevations, generations, explorations, constellations, hesitations, occupations, altercations, perturbations, aberrations, fluctuations, oscillations, reparations, speculations, inspirations, appalachians, concentrations, affirmations, compensations, accusations, nominations, violations, exclamations, confrontations, tabulations, graduations, orchestrations, duplications, realizations, allegations, invitations, condemnations, perforations, infestations, incarnations, appellations, consecrations, consultations, medications, compilations, publications, vaccinations, amputations, conversations, reputations, complications, dislocations, separations, allocations, arbitrations, innovations, relocations, restorations, calculations, destinations, demonstrations, ruminations, expirations, lacerations, confirmations, consolations, expectations, syndications, emanations, revelations, malformations, intimations, deprivations, degradations, observations, demarcations, simulations, deviations, palpitations, aspirations, estimations, decorations, inclinations, computations, indications, excavations, motivations, stipulations, formulations, conjugations, liquidations, detonations, preparations, operations, animations, meditations, circulations, tribulations, correlations, transformations, irritations, visitations, permutations, applications, combinations, recitations, populations, alterations, implications, federations, imitations, ministrations, resignations, corporations, proclamations, limitations, declarations, valuations, situations, designations, depredations, annotations, presentations, machinations, fabrications, terminations;
  4. anticipations, congratulations, commemorations, justifications, mobilizations, considerations, recommendations, denunciations, depreciations, negotiations, investigations, participations, orientations, administrations, organizations, interpretations, manipulations, privatizations, examinations, immunizations, manifestations, representations, affiliations, decapitations, associations, reverberations, collaborations, configurations, accreditations, interrogations, insinuations, inaugurations, appropriations, evacuations, civilizations, authorizations, miscalculations, pronunciations, incorporations, recriminations, denominations, discolorations, imaginations, originations, approximations, humiliations, magnifications, expropriations, eliminations, classifications, preoccupations, certifications, clarifications, assassinations, exaggerations, abbreviations, qualifications, accumulations, hallucinations, solicitations, inoculations, consolidations, determinations, accommodations, deliberations, improvisations, sterilizations, ramifications, evaluations, communications, modifications, notifications, specifications, dramatizations;
  5. misrepresentations, reconciliations, characterizations, capitalizations, generalizations, rationalizations, renegotiations, reorganizations, identifications, hospitalizations;
  6. telecommunications;

What are the translations for obligations?

Polish word for Obligations