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How To Spell observe?

Correct spelling: observe

Definition of observe:

  1. observe correctly or closely; "The pianist kept time with the metronome"; "keep count"; "I cannot keep track of all my employees"

List of misspellings for observe:

  • observerved,
  • obbsesive,
  • abbusve,
  • obaserve,
  • obsecive,
  • obsver,
  • onserve,
  • obsereving,
  • obvserve,
  • obsevers,
  • obsurb,
  • obserive,
  • obeserved,
  • obsrved,
  • obvserved,
  • obesse,
  • obusive,
  • observate,
  • abuisve,
  • obserrved,
  • eserve,
  • observaion,
  • observig,
  • obsrve,
  • obsorved,
  • obsereved,
  • observeed,
  • obsvered,
  • obsurved,
  • obserbe,
  • obsesfice,
  • obsorbe,
  • observan,
  • obserbed,
  • obece,
  • obsrving,
  • obsessove,
  • obsseive,
  • oboserving,
  • obsesive,
  • obserev,
  • observce,
  • obsserved,
  • obswerved,
  • observ,
  • obsevrve,
  • webserver,
  • aserver,
  • obsurde,
  • obsurving,
  • observr,
  • ebsure,
  • oberserve,
  • obseveing,
  • obsirve,
  • abserve,
  • obseverve,
  • obseved,
  • obessisve,
  • obersve,
  • observering,
  • abpve,
  • abbussive,
  • ibeleive,
  • oppersive,
  • obsurce,
  • absorver,
  • obseve,
  • ovserve,
  • icesave,
  • obsesrve,
  • obseves,
  • obessive,
  • subserve,
  • ibserve,
  • obsorb,
  • obsevere,
  • obbessive,
  • obseerved,
  • obsserve,
  • absove,
  • obsene,
  • obchieve,
  • as eve,
  • obessesive,
  • observere,
  • absetee,
  • obseving,
  • obscue,
  • abuseive,
  • oobserve,
  • observie,
  • observse,
  • obaserved,
  • abservoer,
  • obsereve,
  • observeable,
  • observeing,
  • obsees,
  • observied.

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Rhymes for observe:

  1. verve, serve, irv, curve, herve, nerve, oeuvre, merv, mirv, serv, d'oeuvre, swerve;
  2. preserve, deserve, unnerve, reserve, conserve;

Translations for observe:

Afrikaans word for Observe


Arabic word for Observe


Bengali word for Observe

মান্য করা.

Chinese words for Observe

睹, 体察.

Dutch words for Observe

bekijken, zeggen, kijken, zien, respecteren, eerbiedigen, bestuderen, opmerken, observeren, in acht nemen, waarnemen, naleven, nakomen, vieren, opvolgen, constateren, gewaarworden, gadeslaan.

French word for Observe


German words for Observe

betrachten, beachten, ansehen, wahrnehmen, feststellen, Einhalten, wahren, bemerken, merken, beobachten, verfolgen, verrichten, befolgen, respektieren, zusehen, observieren.

Greek word for Observe


Italian word for Observe


Japanese word for Observe


Javanese word for Observe


Korean word for Observe


Malay word for Observe


Marathi word for Observe


Norwegian word for Observe


Polish word for Observe


Romanian word for Observe

a observa.

Russian word for Observe


Spanish word for Observe


Swedish word for Observe


Turkish word for Observe


Ukrainian word for Observe