How To Spell often?

Correct spelling: often

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What is the definition of often?

  1. Many times: frequently.

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What are the rhymes for often?

  1. offen, soften;

What are the translations for often?

Afrikaans word for Often


Arabic word for Often

كَثِيراً مَا.

Bengali word for Often


Dutch words for Often

regelmatig, veel, vaak, dikwijls, veelal, geregeld, menigmaal.

French words for Often

souvent, couramment.

German words for Often

oft, oftmals.

Italian words for Often

generalmente, spesso, sovente.

Japanese words for Often

何度も, 往々, なんども, 予々, 往往, 兼ね兼ね, 予予, おうおう, かねがね.

Javanese word for Often


Malay word for Often


Marathi word for Often


Norwegian word for Often


Portuguese words for Often

muitas vezes, frequentemente, com frequência, tantas vezes, várias vezes, amiúde.

Romanian word for Often


Spanish words for Often

a menudo, con frecuencia, habitualmente, frecuentemente, muchas veces, usualmente, comúnmente, asiduamente.

Swedish word for Often