How To Spell OI?

Correct spelling: OI

What are the misspellings for OI?

What is the definition of OI?

  1. For words so beginning, not found in the following list, see e-.

What does the abbreviation OI mean?

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What are the usage examples for OI?

  1. Then, after fishing out a tobacco- bag from under his many coats and lighting the corn- cob in the protecting bowl of his palms, " In that case, man, Oi got somethin' t' say t' ye." – The Plow-Woman by Eleanor Gates

What are the rhymes for OI?

  1. loy, cloy, coye, boy, oy, floy, ploy, roi, oye, yoy, oie, joye, stoy, roy, doi, hoi, woy, neu, moy, hoy, croy, soy, coy, joy, foy, toy, goy, troy;
  2. bolshoi, savoy, elroy, malloy, enjoy, decoy, mccoy, destroy, annoy, deploy, employ;
  3. redeploy, illinois;

What are the translations for OI?

Arabic word for Oi

منظمة اوكسفام الدولية.

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