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Correct spelling: oil

Common misspellings for oil:

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What does the abbreviation oil mean?

OIL abbreviation definitions:
–  Optimized Invocation Layer
–  Outside/ Inside Linebacker


cream of tartar, gelatin, bicarbonate of soda, egg white, chrome yellow, lubricant, eggshell, enamel, emulsion, thinner, baking powder, BICARB, acetone. glaze. batter, canvas. mix. daub, anoint, gelatin, lubricant, embrocate, essential oil, BICARB, oil color, glaze, anele, crude oil, balsam, plaster, praise, slaver, inunct, cream, wax, incense, canvas, rock oil, vegetable oil, eggshell, diesel, black gold, balm, batter. cartoon, diptych, daub, bas relief, collage, lubricant, abstract, aquatint, doodle, caricature. emulsion, praise, incense, watercolor, enamel, thinner, acetone, chrome yellow, slaver, eggshell. belladonna, curare, chlorophyll, extract, cellulose, essential oil, agar, alkaloid, essence, balsam. astringent, calamine lotion, cream, Aloe vera, cold-cream, baby oil, cleanser, antiperspirant, antiseptic. bicarbonate of soda, egg white, glaze, mix, BICARB, cream of tartar, gelatin, baking powder, batter. barrel, benzene, black gold, high-octane, gasohol, diesel. paper, tile, plate, board over, plaster, wax, carpet, cement, varnish, ice. rock oil, black gold, fossil oil. unguent. combustion, kerosene, coal, ethane, coke, methane, fuel, gasoline, gas, peat, charcoal, propane, briquette. lubricant. crude, embrocate, lard, anele, butter, balm, lubrication, oil color, anoint, fat, grease, petroleum, margerine, inunct, unguent. grease, lard, lubricate, salve, anoint.

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Examples of usage for oil:

  1. The oil would be spoiled. – Out of the Triangle by Mary E. Bamford
  2. When the flame runs down the cotton to the oil it gets extinguished, but it goes on burning in the part above. – The Chemical History Of A Candle by Michael Faraday
  3. Whether to oil the wheels of commerce be not a common benefit? – The Querist by George Berkley

Rhymes for oil:

  1. foil, hoyle, toil, boil, coil, broil, moyle, coyle, boyle, roil, soil, doyle, foyle, spoil, royle;
  2. recoil, embroil, lukoil, uncoil;