How To Spell Oneself?

Correct spelling: Oneself

What is the definition of Oneself?

  1. A reflexive form of the indefinite pronoun one. Commonly writen as two words, one's self.

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What are the rhymes for Oneself?

  1. self, shelf, delph, elf, selph, helf;
  2. himself, itself, myself, herself, themself, yourself;
  3. ourself;

What are the translations for Oneself?

Afrikaans word for Oneself


Arabic word for Oneself


Chinese words for Oneself

自, 己.

German words for Oneself

selbst, sich, man, einer selbst, man selbst.

Greek word for Oneself


Hindi word for Oneself

अपने आप को.

Japanese words for Oneself

自分, あ, 自分自身, あれ, わぬ, 己, 我身, わ, 我, わがみ, しんめんもく, 手前, 汝, かぐ, あがみ, 本官, てめえ, おぬ, 其, 吾, 一己, 我れ, わろ, 我が身, いっしん, 下愚, わが身, いっこ, 吾れ, じぶんじしん, ほんかん, 吾が身.

Korean word for Oneself

자기 자신.

Polish word for Oneself


Portuguese word for Oneself

a si mesmo.

Romanian word for Oneself


Russian word for Oneself


Spanish word for Oneself

uno mismo.

Turkish word for Oneself


Vietnamese word for Oneself

chính mình.