How To Spell opening?

Correct spelling: opening

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What are the rhymes for opening?

  1. reopening;

What are the translations for opening?

Bengali word for Opening


Chinese word for Opening


Dutch words for Opening

begin, opening, gat, inleiding.

French words for Opening

inauguration, trou, orifice, commencement, ouverture, opportunité, d´ouverture.

German words for Opening

Ausgang, Freigabe, Einrichtung, Einleitung, Anfang, Spalt, Durchbruch, Einweihung, Beginn, Loch, Aussparung, Lichtung, Premiere, offene Stelle, Neueröffnung, Geschäftseröffnung, Einweihungsfeier.

Italian words for Opening

inizio, liberalizzazione, varco, inaugurazione, di apertura.

Japanese words for Opening

オープニング, 開設, 開き, 開通, 始業, 始め, オープン化, 口開け, あな, 販路, 突破口, 隙き間, くちあけ, とっぱこう, 闔, 空隙, とびら, オープンか, 蓋明け, 透き間, くち, 透間, 働き口, 隙目, 透き目, ふたあけ, 就職口, はつこうかい, 明き, きれくち, 蓋開け, はんろ, すき間, すきめ, 初公開, かいこう, 始まりの.

Javanese word for Opening


Malay word for Opening


Marathi word for Opening


Polish words for Opening

uruchomienie, otwarcie, wernisaż.

Portuguese words for Opening

buraco, início, oportunidade, inauguração, iniciais, inaugural, liberalização, estreia, abridores, introdutória, inaugurais, liminar, de abertura.

Romanian word for Opening


Spanish words for Opening

vacante, hueco, oportunidad, comienzo, abertura, apertura, inauguración, estreno, orificio, vaga.

Turkish word for Opening