How To Spell oppose?

Correct spelling: oppose

What is the definition of oppose?

  1. be against; express opposition to; "We oppose the ban on abortion"

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What are the rhymes for oppose?

  1. jos, clothes, shows, ngos, roes, woes, boes, foes, bose, gose, lowes, joes, brose, sews, knows, bows, flows, slows, hoes, sows, chose, moes, toes, bowes, throws, cose, rows, ose, lows, lo's, grows, goes, hose, pows, o's, those, pose, mose, beaus, glows, doze, ohs, owes, rose, pros, snows, rohs, boase, crows, crose, froze, vose, tows, prose, noes, close, blows, throes, nose;
  2. impose, arose, repose, foreclose, forgoes, suppose, enclose, depose, propose, plainclothes, transpose, dispose, tarots, disclose, compose, bestows, expose, stavros, dubose;
  3. juxtapose, interpose, reimpose, presuppose, decompose, predispose;
  4. superimpose, overexpose;

What are the translations for oppose?

Afrikaans word for Oppose


Arabic word for Oppose


Chinese words for Oppose

反, 作对, 逆, 牾, 咈, 撄.

Dutch words for Oppose

betwisten, bestrijden, tegengaan, zich tegen verzetten.

French word for Oppose

s’opposer à.

German words for Oppose

ablehnen, entgegentreten, einwenden, opponieren, entgegensetzen, gegenüberstellen, widerstreiten, gegen Einspruch einlegen, gegen opponieren, widerstreben, gegen Stellung nehmen.

Greek word for Oppose


Hindi word for Oppose

का विरोध.

Italian word for Oppose


Japanese words for Oppose

阻む, たいす, 刃向かう, 盾突く, 悖る, ゆみをひく, 歯向う, もとる, たてつく, 歯向かう, 沮む, 対す, はんする, 叛する, 抗う, 弓を引く, さからう, 反する, 楯つく, 対する, 楯突く, たいする, 立ち向かう, はむかう, はばむ, あらがう, たちむかう, 反対する.

Javanese word for Oppose


Korean word for Oppose


Malay word for Oppose


Marathi word for Oppose

विरोध करा.

Norwegian word for Oppose

motsette (seg).

Romanian word for Oppose

a se opune.

Russian words for Oppose

выступать против, возразить.

Spanish words for Oppose

oponerse, rechazar, resistir, contradecir, contrariar, combatir, oponer, estar en contra de, contrastar, resistirse, oponerse a.

Swedish word for Oppose


Ukrainian word for Oppose