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How To Spell opposite?

Correct spelling: opposite

List of misspellings for opposite:

  • appite,
  • appepite,
  • oppossed,
  • oppiside,
  • opposiiton,
  • oppiste,
  • oppposed,
  • oppostie,
  • opiset,
  • oppunity,
  • apporpaite,
  • oppurtuity,
  • appiciate,
  • opposis,
  • oppisiate,
  • oppesit,
  • oposites,
  • oposite,
  • oppositte,
  • opset,
  • opposirte,
  • opposede,
  • oppisite,
  • opputuity,
  • inapporpiate,
  • supposte,
  • approatie,
  • opputiuies,
  • opissit,
  • approaite,
  • suppositoy,
  • oppoint,
  • oppoiste,
  • opposal,
  • oppsites,
  • oppistite,
  • oppisote,
  • assoseite,
  • episote,
  • oppisete,
  • oppcity,
  • oppised,
  • opasite,
  • oponit,
  • oppesite,
  • oppsitive,
  • oppsosite,
  • oppourtuity,
  • oppostite,
  • hypocite,
  • opponett,
  • eposter,
  • oppsoing,
  • oppossite,
  • opposuite,
  • episiode,
  • opossed,
  • oposit,
  • oppsoite,
  • appitie,
  • oppoent,
  • opersite,
  • opputoity,
  • opposiste,
  • oppopsite,
  • oppriate,
  • oppssed,
  • oppertity,
  • oppournity,
  • opposser,
  • opportuty,
  • approiote,
  • oppacity,
  • opoisite,
  • updside,
  • opponate,
  • oppositie,
  • coposite,
  • opponiet,
  • epoisde,
  • opporate,
  • oppisted,
  • opusit,
  • oppoite,
  • oppersive,
  • oppsed,
  • opportuity,
  • opesite,
  • oppisited,
  • appercite,
  • upsite,
  • epost,
  • opositon,
  • approite,
  • oppesites,
  • opposnets,
  • eposide,
  • oppoisite,
  • apprcieate,
  • eposoide.

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Musical duo

Big Scary is an Australian musical duo formed in Melbourne in 2006, by Tom Iansek and Joanna Syme. The pair have released several EPs and two albums.

Opposite Worlds


American reality show

Opposite Worlds is an American reality game show that premiered on January 21, 2014 on the cable channel Syfy. The show previously aired on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with the latter being a live elimination episode.

The Opposite House


Novel by Helen Oyeyemi

The Opposite House is a novel by British author Helen Oyeyemi first published by Penguin Books in 2007.

The Opposite Me


Studio album by Jing Chang

The Opposite Me is Taiwanese Mandopop artist Jing Chang's second Mandarin studio album. It was released on 9 July 2010 by Gold Typhoon. It was released with two album cover versions: The Opposite Me and The Opposite Me. A further edition The Opposite Me was released on 6 September 2010 with bonus track "義氣" and DVD with six music videos.

The Opposite Six


Rock band

The Opposite Six were an American garage rock band from Sacramento, California, United States, who were active in the 1960s. They are not to be confused with another group of the same name, also from the Bay area, but from Marin County that had a more folk rock orientation and comprised the basis of the later group the Sons of Champlin.

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Translations for opposite:

Afrikaans word for Opposite


Arabic word for Opposite


Chinese words for Opposite

对面, 对过, 逆反, 对面的.

Dutch words for Opposite

tegenover, omgekeerd, tegenpool, tegengestelde, tegengesteld, tegenovergesteld, tegendeel.

French words for Opposite

devant, contraire, opposé, à l'opposé, en face de, opposée, opposés, contraires, inverses, en face, vis-à-vis de.

German words for Opposite

Gegenteil, umgekehrt, nebenstehend, entgegengesetzt, gegenüberliegend, gegensätzlich, Gegensatz, ungleichnamig, Opus, gegenteilig, Gegenkathete, gegenläufig, konträr, vis-à-vis, auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite, Inverse.

Italian word for Opposite


Japanese words for Opposite

向かい, 合わせ, あべこべ, あわせ, うらおもて, たいきょく, 向かい側の.

Javanese word for Opposite


Korean word for Opposite


Malay word for Opposite


Polish words for Opposite

odwrotny, przeciwny, przeciwstawny, przeciwległy.

Portuguese words for Opposite

oposto, contrário, opostas, contrapostos.

Russian words for Opposite

противоположный, обратный, противоположность.

Spanish words for Opposite

contrario, inverso, reverso, diferente, opuesto, enfrente de, enfrente, del otro lado, contrapuesto, antitético, antagónico, polo opuesto, antítesis, de enfrente.

Swedish word for Opposite


Vietnamese word for Opposite

ngược nhau.