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unexpressible, inexpressible.

Usage examples for representable:

  1. Where the proof of its logical possibility,- that is, that the word has any representable sense? - "Literary Remains, Vol. 2", Coleridge.
  2. These forms of conjunction are as much parts of the tissue of experience as are the terms which they connect; and it is a great pragmatic achievement for recent idealism to have made the world hang together in these directly representable ways instead of drawing its unity from the 'inherence' of its parts- whatever that may mean- in an unimaginable principle behind the scenes. - "Pragmatism A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking", William James.
  3. But this latter notion, an expression of permanence underneath the various manifestations of nature, is for science only an abstract, symbolical formula: if we attempt to embody it, to make it concrete and representable, then, whether we will or no, it resolves itself into the feeling of muscular effort, that is, takes on a human character. - "Essay on the Creative Imagination", Th. Ribot.